Easy Summer BBQ & Grilling Recipes Your Family will Love

When it comes to favorite foods, barbecue seems to be the answer to a variety of dinner menu dilemmas. Needing a quick dinner? BBQ! Hankerin’ for comfort foods? BBQ! Feeding a crowd without breaking the budget? BBQ! Perfect meal for a grill or even the slow cooker that won’t heat up the kitchen? BBQ! You get the idea! Not only is it the answer to #AllTheQuestions, there are as many recipes for BBQ as there are occasions to enjoy it. And that’s precisely why I’ve gathered up the quintessential list of BBQ & Grilling recipes that your family is sure to love!

BBQ & Grilling Recipes for the Perfect Backyard Gatherings

For the Surf Lovers…

And the Turf Lovers…

And we can’t forget Chicken …

  • A few years ago, Kim shared this recipe for Chicken and Veggies Foil Packets on the Grill. Simple, tasty and virtually no cleanup!
  • For those of you who prefer a little kick, this BBQ Pepper Jack Chicken uses Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, our family favorite, and pepper jack for a quick 4-ingredient grilled dinner.
  • These BBQ Chicken Fajitas start with a great idea like Chicken Fajitas and take it up a few notches with grilling and BBQ. Yum!

  • If you’re looking for the secret to the perfect grilled chicken legs, you’ll find it in my BBQ Chicken Legs recipe. Shhh!

And then there’s Pork … and Pizza …

  • The flavor of this Easy Grilled Pizza is hard to beat, and it’s a perfect assemble-yourself dinner for each family member or guest while enjoying some together time outdoors.

No Grill? No problem! How about some awesome BBQ flavors in your slow cooker or instant pot?

  • For all you coffee lovers, these Red Eye BBQ Ribs will absolutely make your day!
  • My Chili Sauce Chicken Legs are a wonderful blend of sweet and spicy.
  • Zingy BBQ Chicken packs a powerful flavor punch by combining two classic marinades in one recipe. Check it out!
  • Peach Pulled Pork Sliders are a delicious combination of pulled pork, peach salsa and Hawaiian rolls, and it includes a perfect side recipe of Apple Cole Slaw.I’m not really sure why I decided to combine the ingredients I did for these

 And a little more Grilling and Barbecue goodness

Did you know that you can make these EASY Freezer Marinades, pour them over frozen meat and pop them back in the freezer until you’re ready to pull them out and toss them on the grill? It’s true. Simple. Tasty. Everybody wins!

  • And while your meat is marinating and grilling, here are a few perfect Barbeque sides to add to the table.
  • Before you shut the grill down, toss some pineapple slices on for this wonderfully sweet and light Grilled Pineapple Dessert.

Granted, June is designated as National Barbecue Month and that’s a good enough reason to bust out your favorite barbecue sauce and try some of the recipes above. But let’s be honest, BBQ & grilling isn’t just for June or even summer for that matter. Is there a better way to brighten up a cold winter day than a slow cooker barbecue dinner? Let’s hear it for menus that are tasty problem-solvers all year round!

Happy grilling!

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Chicken and Vegetable Foil Packets {Grill or Oven}

You’re going to love this recipe from Eat at Home writer, Kim!  She makes use of the grill, but this will work in the oven too.

I know many of us are caught up in back-to-school and starting to have a little Fall fever (is that a thing?) If the pumpkin posts that have started popping up everywhere are any indication, then yes, Fall fever definitely exists. However, in my neck of the woods, it’s still 90 degrees, and I’m still grilling every chance I get. With the craziness of 3 kids, school, sports, etc., I have been looking for easy recipes that do not require a lot of prep or cleanup. These chicken and foil packets fit the bill.

Foil Packet Collage EAH

I love that I can cook the meat and vegetables at the same time, and just add some fruit as a side to have a complete meal. Also, when everything is bundled up in a neat little foil packet, clean up is breeze!

chicken and veggies EAH

Start by prepping your meat and veggies (which can be done ahead of time). I used chicken, potatoes, peppers, onions, carrots, grape tomatoes, and zucchini. This recipe is versatile, and you can add just about anything you like. Just remember to slice potatoes thin and cut your meat into bite size pieces so that it cooks fast, and veggies that cook quickly can be left in bigger chunks (like zucchini…I do not like it to get too mushy, so I sliced it into thick rounds), this way, everything is done at the same time.

chicken and veggie foil pack EAH

Place your veggies on a sprayed piece of foil, add your chicken and any spices you like. I like to add a little bit of butter on top as well.

foil packets on grill EAH

Gather your foil up around the meat and vegetables, pinch to seal at the top, and throw them on the grill (or in the oven on a baking sheet!) for about 25 minutes….and boom! Dinner is basically done!

finished foil packet EAH

Be careful when opening the packets, since everything inside is hot and steamy. I say plates are entirely optional, since everything is neatly contained in the foil! (These would be good when camping.)

Chicken and Vegetable Foil Packets {Grill or Oven}
Chicken and vegetables cooked together in a neat and tidy foil packet!
  • 2 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breast, cut into chunks
  • 3 medium Russet potatoes, sliced thin
  • 1 sweet onion, cut into chunks
  • 1 large pepper, cut into chunks
  • 1 zucchini, sliced into thick rounds
  • 1-2 cups baby carrots
  • 1 cup grape tomotoes
  • 2 Tablespoons olive oil
  • herbs de provence (optional), to taste
  • Worcestershire sauce (optional), to taste
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • ½ tablespoon butter for each packet (optional)
  • *aluminum foil
  • *non-stick cooking spray
  1. (Light grill to medium-high heat or preheat oven to 400 degrees)
  2. Place all vegetables in a large bowl and drizzle with olive oil. Stir gently to coat.
  3. Spray 12-18 inch pieces of aluminum foil with cooking spray (depends on desired portion size, I made 5 large packets)
  4. Evenly divide veggies among the foil pieces, placing them in center of packet. Add desired spices.
  5. Top with chicken chunks, additional spices and Worcestershire (if using). Place butter on top of chicken.
  6. Seal foil around the chicken and vegetables, pinching at seams to seal.
  7. Place on grill, or in oven on a baking sheet, for approximately 25 minutes or until chicken has reached 165 degrees on a meat thermometer.


Kim M. is a contributing writer for Eat at Home, as well as the mom behind the mayhem at Makin’ it Mo’Betta. There you will find kid-friendly recipes, quick and easy meals, and many, many more desserts!

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Simple Meal Plans & Real Life – June 16 – Looking for your ideas and opinions

This past week has been a whirl wind of getting ready for vacation and tying up some lose ends on several projects.  The main goal with our meals this week has been clear out the fridge.

In other news, I’m thinking it’s time to revamp these weekly posts on the meal plans.  I have a few ideas in mind, but I’d love to know what you’d like to see.

Do you like seeing the sneak peek of the main dishes on the plans each week?

Do you like hearing a little about how my family gets dinner done?

Do you have other ideas for these posts or do you tend to just skip these altogether?

Leave a comment or drop me an email to let me know your thoughts!

Simple Weekly Meal Plans

If you’ve been looking for a way to save time on menu planning, you’ll want to look into getting our Weekly Meal Plans.  All the organizing and thinking is done for you.  No grocery list making or side dish planning needed.  I love using these and when I don’t have to do any recipe creation, this is my preferred way to shop and cook.

Here’s a sneak peek at this week’s meal plans.  When you join the Weekly Meal Plan list, you get the grocery list and printable recipes with side dishes included.  You can find out more about how to get the meal plans for yourself by clicking here.

Whole Foods Menu

  1. Italian Sausage Sloppy Joes
  2. Chicken Tetrazini
  3. Pineapple Chicken
  4. Enchiladas
  5. Honey Mustard Grilled Pork Chops
  6. Tony’s Fish
  7. Cherry Cobbler

Traditional Menu

Slow Cooker Menu

  1. Apple BBQ Pork Chops
  2. Smoky Chipotle Chicken Tacos
  3. Easy Meatball Subs
  4. Crockpot Honey Mustard Chicken
  5. Tamale Sandwiches 
  6.  Beef Teriyaki
  7. Banana Split Dessert
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Simple Meal Plans & Real Life – May 26

It’s the week before Meredith and Stephen’s wedding!  Every day gets a little bit busier than the day before.  Each time we check one thing off the list, two or three more items crop up.  Crazy fun!

Last week Jim was out of town for four days.  I’m proud to say that we didn’t have pancakes for dinner even once.  That’s one of my fall back, easy meals when he is gone.  Instead I shopped with one of the Traditional Plan grocery lists and I followed the recipes from it.  No new recipe creation last week.  It was so easy and we ate really well too.

I’m off to cross out a few more things from the wedding to-do list!

Simple Weekly Meal Plans

If you’ve been looking for a way to save time on menu planning, you’ll want to look into getting our Weekly Meal Plans.  All the organizing and thinking is done for you.  No grocery list making or side dish planning needed.  I love using these and when I don’t have to do any recipe creation, this is my preferred way to shop and cook.

Here’s a sneak peek at this week’s meal plans.  When you join the Weekly Meal Plan list, you get the grocery list and printable recipes with side dishes included.  You can find out more about how to get the meal plans for yourself by clicking here.

Whole Foods Menu

  1. Pineapple Chili
  2. Chicken, Broccoli & Red Pepper Stir-Fry
  3. Shrimp Scampi
  4. Crock-Pot Honey Mustard Chicken
  5. Grilled Fish Sandwich
  6. Sticky Coconut Chickenli
  7. Slow Cooker Blueberry Crisp

Traditional Menu

  1. Skillet Chicken
  2. Grilled Pizza
  3. Bowtie Pasta with Feta and Lemon Pepper Chicken
  4. Bramble Beans
  5. Chicken Salad
  6. Grilled Brats and Onions
  7. Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

Slow Cooker Menu

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Simple Meal Plans & Real Life – April 28

Easter weekend threw me a little off schedule.  We went out of town to be with family.  Meredith’s cousins threw her a lovely bridal shower.

It was a great weekend, but when we got back in town I really needed to hit the grocery.  I did that on Monday and tested the Traditional list for an upcoming week in May.



You can see from the photo which meals were planned for the week.  I knew that I would be making some of those meals, but I also knew that I had recipes to create this week.  No worries, since all the meals use common pantry ingredients I knew I would have what I need by sticking to the list.

Here’s how it all worked out this week:

Monday – I decided to buy ground pork instead of beef for hamburgers.  It was a lovely evening, so we fired up the grill.  Instead of detox salad, I served sweet potato fries and cucumbers and tomatoes.

Tuesday – I was looking forward to trying the Mojo pork chops, but the store didn’t have that type of marinade.  I bought Caribbean Jerk instead.  It was great!  We had Pressure Cooker Mac & Cheese and broccoli with it.

Wednesday – I did another spin on Basic Chicken Skillet, this time giving it a Mexican flair.  The resulting recipe combines elements of Mexican Beans and Rice with the Basic Chicken Skillet.  Easy, quick and family friendly.

Thursday – I created yet another spin on Basic Chicken Skillet.  This time I went with a stir fry.  The homemade sauce turned out great.  I used Napa cabbage in the dish.  That was easy to swap out for the kale that the grocery list called for.

Friday – I’m writing this post on Friday afternoon.  Jim and I decided we’ll have a date night tonight.  I’m not sure what the kids will be eating, but it may be the grilled cheese and tomato sandwich that was on the menu.  Everybody needs a simple dinner sometimes!

Simple Weekly Meal Plans

This is a great time to become a member of our Weekly Meal Plans.  You get access to a whole month at a time.  Since this is the end of the month, that means that you’ll be getting all of April and all of May when it posts next week.  A whole extra month!

Here’s a sneak peek at this week’s meal plans.  When you join the Weekly Meal Plan list, you get the grocery list and printable recipes with side dishes included.  You can find out more about how to get the meal plans for yourself by clicking here.

Whole Foods Menu (these are edited on our plans to make them Whole Food compatible)

  1. Whole Chicken in Slow Cooker
  2. Black Bean Tacos
  3. Skillet Chicken, Peppers & Tomatoes
  4. Penne Gorgonzola Grilled Chicken
  5.  Spaghetti
  6.  Lemon Tilapia with Veggies
  7. Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Traditional Menu

  1. Chicken Enchiladas
  2. Hamburger Stroganoff
  3. Corn Chowder
  4. Pork Tenderloin
  5. Turkey Italian Sausage and Tortellini Salad
  6. Baked Pasta with Cauliflower and Cheese
  7. Peanut Butter Cookie Pudding

Slow Cooker Menu

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Using the Slow Cooker Freezer Meals – Simple Weekly Meal Plans & Real Life

It’s been about a month since I tested the Slow Cooker Freezer Menu (get a sneak peek at it near the bottom of this post).  I’ve been using those meals slowly, only reaching into the freezer when I know the day is going to be too busy for cooking.

But even though I’m trying not to use them all at once, after this week I only have 1 left!

I may be testing some new slow cooker freezer meals soon.  Those meals have made dinner time so simple and having them stashed away in the freezer is like a bit of insurance against the “crazy days”.


Last Sunday, we ate leftovers after church.  There were several different things that needed to be eaten and I decided I didn’t want to cook.  It worked out well, at least for me!

Jim and I also went out on Sunday evening.  There was a free jazz concert at a local historic home that we decided to go to.  Before that though, we stopped by Lowe’s.  I’m wanting to give our kitchen a facelift with new countertops and possibly painted cabinets.



I snapped this picture so I could remember the prices for laminate.  We also priced quartz and granite and decided it would be more than we want to spend.  And to be honest, I like laminate.

We currently have something called Butternut Granite, I think.  It’s not my favorite.  I like it better than I thought I would (the builder chose it before we bought the house), but I’d like to change it to something different.  If you’ve got a laminate you love, leave me a comment!


Labor Day meant a day off work for Jim and no school for the rest of us.  We went disc golfing with the boys.  They’ve been playing all summer, but I’d never been.  I’m terrible at throwing the frisbee, but it was fun to watch them.



Friends had given us a bunch of tomatoes from their garden the night before.  I decided they needed to be part of a pasta dish.  So I made a quick meal with angel hair pasta, bacon, basil, tomatoes and white wine.  I’ll share the recipe soon!


Our son had a soccer game, so we went to watch.  I used one of the slow cooker freezer meals – Honey Hoisin Chicken.  I shredded the cooked meat and we put it on sandwiches with quick cole slaw and sweet potato fries on the side.  Yum!


I used a bottle of Kung Pao sauce with some chicken tenders, onions and bell peppers.  We ate it over rice.  The bottle of sauce had enough kick that all of our mouths were tingly and burning afterward, but it was good.


I made another of our slow cooker freezer meals.  This time it was Maple Apple Pot Roast.  It turned out great!  I served parmesan potatoes too – from a box – and they were delicious!  I hardly ever buy boxed au gratin style potatoes, but they just looked so good.  Everyone loved them.  We also had broccoli.  And I made Peach Pie Squares for dessert.  Recipe coming to the blog soon!

And I repurposed our leftover roast for Friday’s lunch.  I shredded the beef, added a can of black beans and some salsa.  Heated it in the microwave and filled taco shells.  It worked great and would have made a good dinner for a small family.



We had some tiny company on Thursday night.  This little guy and two of his brothers were hanging out in our garden.  They were only about the size of the palm of my hand.  Cute!


It’s Friday as I write this post and I’m planning to make French toast and ham for dinner.  Fancy, I know. *Update: When I went into the kitchen to make dinner, I realized we were out of milk. So I turned the French bread into French bread pizzas, using the ham for a topping and gathering up anything else I could find.  They turned out great!  But I really do need to hit the grocery!

Simple Weekly Meal Plans

Here’s a sneak peek at this week’s meal plans.  When you join the Weekly Meal Plan list, you get the grocery list and printable recipes with side dishes included.  You can find out more about how to get them for yourself by clicking here.  Now, you get access to a whole month at a time!  And September is our focus on stocking the freezer, including the week where you cook 7+ Slow Cooker Freezer Meals in just 1 hour!

Slow Cooker Plan – this is the freezer meals plan!

1. Taco Soup
2. Mediterranean Chicken in the Slow Cooker (as round steak)
3. Whole Chicken in the Slow Cooker
4. Honey Hoisin Chicken in the Slow Cooker
5. Easy Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas 
6. Maple Apple Chicken in the Slow Cooker (as pot roast)
7. blueberry orange bread 

Traditional Plan

Raspberry Chicken*
Mel’s Diner Chili *
Spaghetti and Meatballs
BBQ Chicken Fajitas* (prepare chicken like this)
Beef Stew
Peanut Butter Fluff Pie

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Real Life and Simple Weekly Meal Plans – August 18

Last weekend, I made 7 slow cooker freezer meals plus a whole chicken in the crockpot in just one hour.  We tried two of those meals this week.  Both were wonderful and beyond easy.  But, I’ve confirmed once again that I’m a meal hoarder!



Once I get those meals in the freezer, I don’t want to use them.  They’re like meal insurance for a rainy day.  I did use two of them this week though.  Which makes me feel like I’m moving through them too fast.

We had Hoisin Chicken in the Slow Cooker.  I opened the bag and dumped the frozen chicken and sauce contents in the crock and turned it on.  So easy.

We also had Mediterranean Beef in the Slow Cooker.  I thawed it enough to get it out of the bag and turned it on high.  I served this over mashed potatoes and we all loved it.

Details on these meals will be in the September Weekly Meal Plans.

We also had a new favorite for the second time.  The boys had youth group on Wednesday night and the left early to play a round of frisbee golf before heading to the church.  The rest of us had Baked Chicken Tacos.  These are so easy to fix and so good.  The recipe will be coming to the blog on Tuesday.

Friday night, our youngest son celebrated his 15th birthday a few days early.  He had friends over and I made a cheater version of Stromboli.  I used canned pizza crust to make it easy.  The stromboli was a hit with all of them

I also got another Stitch Fix box earlier this week.  I was surprised to see that it was my 7th box.  I’ve been doing this for a while, I guess!  I love Stitch Fix, because it’s a fun way for me to add items to my closet without actually having to go shopping.  I tend to dress in the same Walmart or Target t-shirts.  And even though I’d like something different, if I’m left on my own in a store I come out with a few more white t-shirts.

Stitch Fix sends me a box of clothes styled for me.  As I’ve used the service, I’ve tweaked my profile.  Most recently, I changed my fit preference from “fitted” to “loose”.  And that really helped me end up with a box of things I loved.  Here’s what I kept from this fix:



I’ve already worn the casual top on the left.  It’s light weight and perfect for the fall-like weather we’ve been having.  The dress and the necklace both seem like versatile pieces.  They also sent another dress that I really liked, but decided it was too much money and I really don’t need two new dresses.  And they sent another shirt that I loved the color of, but was cut lower in the neckline than I like.  Those both went back in the pre-paid envelope.

If you want to give Stitch Fix a try, just click the link to find out more.  I have used my affiliate link in this post.

Simple Weekly Meal Plans

Here’s a sneak peek at this week’s meal plans.  When you join the Weekly Meal Plan list, you get the grocery list and printable recipes with side dishes included.  You can find out more about how to get them for yourself by clicking here.  Now, you get access to a whole month at a time!

Traditional Plan

  1. Chili and Cheese Hot dogs
  2. Angel Hair with , White Wine, Red Onion and Black Olives
  3. Nachos 
  4. Pork Chops topped with Pineapple, Green Pepper, and Onion
  5. Croque Monsieur 
  6. Italian Sausage and Spinach Stuffed Shells
  7. Frito Candy

Slow Cooker Plan

3. Steak with red wine, onion, garlic & Italian seasoning
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Real Life and Weekly Meal Plans – week of July 8



The biggest thing going on blog-wise for me has been making a few changes and upgrades the the Weekly Meal Plan service.  Now, when you subscribe you will have access to a page where you can download the plans.  You won’t have to wait for the weekly emails, because we’ve uploaded the whole month at once.  You can print the grocery lists and recipes off one week at a time, or batch print them all at once.

All subscribers to the Weekly Meal Plans have access to both the Slow Cooker and the Traditional Plans.  Both versions have Large Family and Small Family sizes, so there’s lots to choose from.  I’ve shared a sneak peek at this week’s plans at the bottom of this post for you.

I didn’t end up doing a regular grocery shopping trip last weekend at all.  We did pop in to Aldi for a few things last Saturday.  That was enough to tide us over for a while.

Last Sunday, we had 5th Sunday Lunch potluck at church.  The menu was sandwiches, salads and desserts.  I took ham sandwiches and pasta salad.  We always have a good time visiting with the people at these meals.

Monday through Wednesday have all blurred together for me.  I don’t remember what we had when!  I know I made a quick homemade sauce for ravioli one night.  Another night I made Nachos (second week in a row for that quick favorite).  One night, Isaac had friends over.  I picked them up and then stopped by the store for a rotisserie chicken, cucumber and tomato salad, baked beans and a pineapple.

On the 4th, it poured the rain here all day long.  We were invited to our friends’ house to celebrate (Independence Day, not celebrate the rain!).  We did get to eat outside on a covered deck.  I could have sat there all night listening to the rain.  It would have been the perfect place to curl up with a book.  I took Pioneer Woman’s Watermelon Pico de Gallo, Hawaiian Cole Slaw and brownies.  Our friends made marinated and grilled pork loin that was wonderful.  I can’t wait to try that recipe!

Friday night, I had so much of the Watermelon Pico de Gallo left over.  I made grilled fish and served it with the watermelon.  Yum!

Other than food and blog stuff, I got my fourth Stitch Fix box.  I don’t think I’ve ever shared any of this with you.  I’m a terrible shopper, so when I learned about Stitch Fix, I knew I’d be giving it a try.  They send 5 items in each box, picked out for you based on a profile that you fill out.

I’ve kept something out of each box, and I love the things I’ve kept.  But I did have to send everything back in my latest fix.  I was really sorry not to get to keep this dress.

stitch fix dress


I love the color and style, but it was too short and too tight.  Not a good combo for a dress.  The other things in the box were okay, but I wasn’t in love with them.  They all went back.  I did go ahead and schedule my next fix though.  And I updated my profile again to be more specific about a few things.

If you’d like to try Stitch Fix (and I do recommend it, because it’s super fun way to get some new things without having to set foot in a real store) here’s my affiliate link.

I finally tackled something I’ve been putting off forever – I listed some of my old homeschool things for sale.  It’s been several years since I’ve sold any homeschool materials and I’ve got several good things.  You can check them all out here, if you’re in the market for some used books.  Now I just need to order a few new things so we’re ready for the coming school year!

Here’s a sneak peek at this week’s meal plans.  When you join the Weekly Meal Plan list, you get the grocery list and printable recipes with side dishes included.  You can find out more about how to get them delivered to your inbox by clicking here.

Traditional Plan

  1. Hamburgers
  2. Loaded Baked Potatoes with homemade cheese sauce 
  3. Sweet n’ Smokey Salmon
  4. Penne Gorgonzola
  5. Italian Seasoned Salt Chicken in Slow Cooker
  6. BBQ Chipped Ham Sandwiches,
  7. No Bake Cookies – Healthified

All Slow Cooker Plan

This post contains affiliate links.
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Menu, Grocery List, Recipes Year 2 Week 46

Happy Labor Day!

Before we get to the menu and grocery list, I wanted to let you know about a new option for subscribing to Eat at Home.  You can now get a weekly digest version of EaH!  Just enter your email in the space below this post or in the sidebar to subscribe.  The regular, daily version is still available as well.

You can also subscribe to Eat at Home via Rss.  Just click the upper, right-hand sidebar.

You can also find me on Facebook, where we talk food, drink and sometimes other stuff.  And if you haven’t discovered Pinterest yet, enter at your own risk!  Lots of fun stuff over there.  Oh yeah, if you tweet you might want to follow me on Twitter.

I was just planning to tell you about the new weekly option for subscriptions, but I think I got carried away!

On the menu this week:

Italian Parmesan and Herb Chicken and Potatoes in the Slow Cooker, favorite veggie

Ham and Pineapple Fried Rice

Stromboli, salad

Spaghetti with Garlic and Oil and Tomato and Onion Salad, hot bread with Olive Oil for Dipping

Cottage Pie, favorite veggie, salad

Lentil Tacos, chips and salsa, salad

Butter Brickle Pecan Cookies

To print, click here: [download id=”108″]

This menu is part of Menu Plan Monday at The Organizing Junkie.

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Menu, Grocery List, Recipes Year 2 Week 29

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend.

It’s not too late to enter the Graeter’s Ice Cream giveaway, if you haven’t already.

The menu this week has 3 slow cooker meals, 2 super quick meals (the other meal is pretty fast too) and a dessert made with cake mix.  That’s my kind of week!

As always, you get 6 dinners and 1 dessert.  Serving suggestions are included in bold on the recipes and in curly brackets {} on the grocery list.

For more menu plans, check out the  previous  1 1/2 years’ worth here.  And if you like to do your own menu planning, you can find a pretty printable menu planner here.

Here’s what’s on the menu this week:

To print, click here: [download id=”92″]

This menu is part of Menu Plan Monday at orgjunkie.com

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