Chicken Florentine Pizza

Every once in a while, I like a good cheater meal.  One that relies on a prepared ingredient to speed dinner prep.  This one uses two such ingredients – a jar of alfredo sauce and prepared pizza crust.  You could probably also count the bag of pre-washed spinach and shredded cheese too.

In fact, the only thing I really cooked for this was the grilled chicken.  If you’re in a big hurry, you could buy those grilled chicken strips from the meat section of the grocery.  I used the George Foreman to grill mine since the grill was covered with snow.

What can I say?  I like to cheat at dinner prep sometimes.  Call me lazy.

Here’s what you’ll need, if you’re a cheat, like me: [Read more…]

Spicy Garlic Chicken Pizza

This was one of our favorite of the freezer meals I made.  It’s very flavorful and cheesy.  Assembling the pizzas before baking was quick and easy.  I’ll be making this one again.  In fact, it might go on vacation with us this summer. [Read more…]

Sausage and Mozzarella Calzones with Homemade Pizza Crust


Oh, yeah.  These were good.  Meaty, cheesy and full of flavor.  I made them last week during the challenge to eat from the pantry and freezer.  I guess you could say they were inspired by ingredients I had on hand and a desire to eat calzones.

[Read more…]

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