The Basic Chicken Skillet – Seven ways

A few years ago I shared a recipe for a basic Chicken Skillet. It’s the dinner equivalent to the little black dress at the most affordable of prices. And you know how you can dress up a LBD with pearls and heels or go casual with a jean jacket & sandals? Chicken Skillets are just as versatile. You can dress it up with some feta a black olives for a swanky Mediterranean dinner or add rice and just the rice for a more casual Cajun flavor. You can even mix in corn, beans and some serious spices for a lively fiesta. It’s the perfect go-to dish for those evenings when you want something familiar with the possibility of exotic.

The Basic Chicken Skillet

It won’t take long at all for you to toss together the Basic Chicken Skillet, but to get you started I’ve included the ingredients and directions for you. And from there, it’s kind of like a culinary world tour. And this month on Facebook Live we’re doing just that – a little world tour Chicken Skillet style!

Want to make your own dinner, starting with the Basic Chicken Skillet

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All the recipes start with the Basic Chicken Skillet and go from there.  You’ll find 7 recipes to try, plus get encouragement and inspiration to find your own combos!  Enter your email over here to grab your own copy.


basic chicken skillet

Be sure to catch me on the Eat at Home Facebook page on Wednesday mornings around 10 am for some Basic Chicken Skillet recipes in the coming weeks and you can add lots of new twists to this go-to recipe.

And in the meantime, I’m curious as to which skillet recipe you’ll start with?

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Join the Countertop Cooking Challenge 2018!

Get your slow cooker ready!  Pull that new Instant Pot that you aren’t sure what to do with out of the box, because we’re going to be using both of these appliances this month!

I’m really excited to partner with Laurie from Passionate Penny Pincher to bring you Countertop Cooking Challenge.  Laurie and I are both going to be cooking from Eat at Home Meal Plans (you don’t have to be a member to follow along though).  The Countertop Cooking Challenge officially starts Feb. 26!

She’s going to be focusing on the slow cooker recipes and I’m going to be cooking Instant Pot recipes.  You can catch both of us cooking on Facebook Live videos.  Laurie will be on the Passionate Penny Pincher page and I’ll be on the Eat at Home page.  Be sure to go like both of our pages.

All of the Eat at Home Meal Plans feature some Instant Pot and Slow Cooker recipes.   You’ll find both types of recipes in Traditional, Wholesome Traditional, No Flour/No Sugar and Slow Cooker plans.

But even if you aren’t a meal plan member, you’ll want to join us in this challenge.  We’re going to making dinner simple and delicious using both the slow cooker and Instant Pot.  You’ll get new recipes and cooking tips and have your dinner done too!  (If you are interested in becoming a member, you can use the code COUNTERTOP at check out to get a discounted price.)

You’ll also want to sign up for the Countertop Cooking Challenge emails.  I’ll be sending out links to the FB live videos and other tips for you through email.

Sign Up Here:

I’m so excited to have you join us for this Countertop Cooking Challenge!

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Make Your Own Pizza – It’s easier than you think!

Ever wished that making pizza was as easy as picking it up from your local pizza joint? Well, it takes a little more forethought but it really is much easier than you might have imagined. I’m excited to talk about one of my favorite family foods and tell you some of the tricks I’ve learned along the way while making lots of yummy pizzas for my family’s pizza night each week over the years.

First, let’s just talk about pizza for a minute. It’s an all-American nod to a classic (though not quite the same) Italian dish. And one of my favorite things about it is that there are a million ways to make it, so it’s a great way to make everyone happy. I love that you can go savory, and never run out of different ways to top it. And you can go sweet, and make a treat that will be a massive hit with everyone too.

To me, pizza night is one of the easiest, most fun nights of the week. But to make pizza night easy, you do need to plan ahead a little. I make up my dough in batches. I freeze portions of it so I can pop it out an hour or so before dinner and let it thaw on the counter. That saves me so much time since I don’t have to make the dough from scratch every time we want pizza. Plus the extra rise helps give the dough an even better texture!

I like to make my own sauce, but you don’t have to. And you can go as elaborate or as easy as you want on the toppings. One of my favorites is the chicken alfredo pizza on the blog. It’s delicious and easy, and it is a great option if you don’t like or want all tomato sauces on your pizzas, too.


Tricks and Tips for Making Your Own Pizza

Some of Our Favorite Pizzas

  1. Need a gluten-free option for pizza night? We love this fun BLT Pizza!
  2. This homemade alfredo sauce is SO easy to make and it’s delicious on this alfredo chicken pizza. This is a huge favorite of mine!
  3. These mini deep dish pizzas are a fun take on personal pizzas. Lots of cheese!
  4. Here’s another fun take on chicken pizza. Good way to get some spinach in. You’ll really like Chicken Florentine Pizza!
  5. Don’t have time for a crust? French bread makes a fun, crispy alternative in this French Bread Pizza.
  6. Here’s a tex-mex way to make some pizza. Try out Cornbread Pizza!
  7. Who else loves pesto? I love this  Pesto Tomato Pizza!
  8. Need a little heat? Try this Spicy Garlic Chicken Pizza!
  9. This is not a pizza. But it’s another fun way to enjoy those pizza-y, cheesy flavors we love in pizza. You’ll love this Sausage Mozzarella Calzones
  10. Does anyone lovee a deep dish Chicago style pizza? This pizza pot pie was SO good!

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Ask Me Anything – Facebook Live

Yesterday I was on Facebook Live talking about how to make sheet pan dinners.  I also took meal planning questions, cooking questions and more.

And I had a surprise delivery from my husband part way through too 😉

You can watch the Facebook Live here.

Some of the other things we covered were how to really use the meal plans, how to adapt recipes as needed, what types of recipes our new No Flour/No Sugar Meal Plan includes, what types of ingredients the plans call for and more.

Eat at Home Meal Plans are on sale through Thursday Jan. 11.  You can get 30% off by using the code JANUARY at checkout.



Click here to take advantage of the sale!

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New No Flour/No Sugar Meal Plan!

I am so excited about this new No Flour/No Sugar Meal Plan!

We’ve added this plan for all of our members. This is the one you’ve been asking for!

Like other Eat at Home Meal Plans, this one uses simple, common ingredients that you can find in any grocery store.

The recipes are weeknight easy.

We’ve eliminated all sugars, artificial sugars, and flours.  You’ll find lots of vegetables and healthy proteins.

Find out more about the plan in this video.

This is a great time to become an Eat at Home Meal Plan Member.  Not only will you get the new No Flour/No Sugar Plan in addition to the other three plans, but you can save 30% on your membership by using the code JANUARY at checkout not through January 11.

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My Best Meal Planning Tips + a Limited Time Offer

I’ve got another video for you today with my best meal planning tips. In this video, we’re pulling together all the ideas of how to overcome dreading dinnertime and the four types of recipes we talked about in the second video.

This is where it all comes together to make your life a lot easier!

Click below to see the video.

I’ve also got a fantastic limited time offer for you on Eat at Home Meal Plans.  Get your year off to a great start and save 30% on your membership, by using the code JANUARY at checkout.


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The Simple Recipes You Need to Master for Easy Dinners + Free Download!

I’ve got a new video for you and a free download too!  In the video I share about four types of meals you need to learn if you want to have simple, easy weeknight dinners.

And I’ve given you recipes for 8 dinners that fit those categories!

I think you’re going to love these recipes and I promise if you use these types of meals, dinner will be a cinch!

To see the video go to this page and enter your email address.  Once you do that, you’ll be taken to a page with links to the first and second videos in this series, along with the downloads for each.

And be on the lookout tomorrow for a GREAT deal!

Watch the Video and Get Your Copy of Let’s Eat! by clicking here

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Free Download! 85 Easy No Sugar/No Flour Snacks!

I’ve got a lot of good stuff for you in the next few days, including this free download of 85 Easy No Flour/No Sugar Snacks!

We’ve put together simple ideas to solve the question of what snacks you can eat and still be healthy.  I think you’ll love these ideas.

I’ve also got a new video series for you and the first video released today.  I cover how to overcome the dread of cooking, cleanup and complaints from family members.  These were some of the most common things people say they dread about weeknight dinners.  If you deal with these too, be sure to check out the video series.

You can sign up for the free download of 85 No Flour/No Sugar Snacks and the video series by clicking here.

Sign up here!

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17 Autumn Desserts to Welcome the Season!

I just love fall. The cool crisp air. The gorgeous vibrant colors. And of course, most of all, the wonderful, aromatic flavors of autumn ingredients. Pumpkins, winter squash apples, cinnamon, caramel and spice! There’s nothing better than that. This collection of 17 Autumn Desserts is proof of my love for baking treats with these ingredients.

17 Autumn Desserts



Pumpkins are for more than Decorating!

1) This Caramel Pumpkin Cake is one of those that quickly jumped to the top [Read more…]

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Our Surprise Trip and How We Ate Our Way Through the City!

Instead of the usual “3 Things that Work in the Kitchen” post, I thought I’d share about the surprise trips that my oldest daughter and I planned for each other.  This turned out to be one of the funnest things we’ve ever done!


Earlier this summer I decided that after taking our son to college, it would be fun to go on a trip with just our youngest.  I wanted to kick off our “3 Musketeers Years” (when there will be just the three of us at home) with something fun.

There’s a website called Pack Up & Go that will plan a surprise three day trip for you.  Intriguing, but it was a little bit expensive.  I told our oldest daughter about the site and she decided that we should plan trips for each other – I’d plan a trip for Meredith and her husband and she’d plan one for Jim, Mia and me.

Their Trip to Pittsburgh

After checking the map for cities within driving distance of Lexington, KY that Meredith and Stephen haven’t been to, I settled on Pittsburgh as their destination.  I’ve never been to Pittsburgh either and had no idea what it offered, but that is a cool city!

I booked an Air BnB for them (their preferred way to stay and within their budget) and then set to work on an itinerary.  With the help of the blog Discover the Burgh, I was able to easily plan a great trip for them.  I gave them a list of restaurants and activities to choose from.

I made a folder of info for them that was not to be opened until they were in the car ready to leave.  So fun!

And they had a blast!

It was fun to plan a trip for someone else and I loved getting texts from them throughout the weekend about what they were doing.

Our trip to Memphis!

For our trip, Meredith had several envelopes to be opened at specific times.  The first one just told us which direction and which highway to get on.  We had one envelope that included a CD of an electronic mash up of weatherman vocals.  If you don’t know what that is – neither did we, but it was hilarious!  Our son has a friend who is studying to be a meteorologist and is currently a student at WKU in Bowling Green, KY. They used some clips of him saying “Bowling Green” to let us know that was the direction we needed to go.

At Bowling Green we opened another envelope that told us of a lunch stop in Nashville – Hattie B’s Hot Chicken.

The chicken was great, but the Pimento Mac & Cheese was awesome!  Such a fun stop.

After lunch we were instructed to go to the Parthenon in Nashville, where we’d open the next clue.  Lucky for us, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams had a food truck there.  I’ve wanted to try this ice cream for years and I finally got my chance!

I had Brambleberry Crisp ice cream and Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet.  Both were so amazing!  I didn’t even think to take a photo, because I as so absorbed in how delicious and intense the flavors were.

After ice cream we opened the envelope revealing our destination – Memphis!

To keep this post from being ridiculously long, I’ll use our meals to walk you through what we did.  We basically ate our way through Memphis.  I have no regrets!

We hit up Beale Street and the Rum Boogie Cafe for dinner.  We went early before things got crazy – and it did look like it would turn into a real party atmosphere later that night, which is not our kind of scene.

At the Rum Boogie Cafe we had Fried Green Tomato and Bacon Po’ Boys, gumbo and red beans and rice.

The next morning we started with breakfast at Brother’s Junipers – delicious!  Then we headed to Graceland.

What we didn’t realize until we hit Memphis is that we were there at the start of Elvis Week.  Elvis died 40 years ago and many, many people were coming into town.  Graceland was busy!

Later that evening we went to Central BBQ.  Oh. My. Goodness! That was the best bbq I’ve ever eaten.  And this is how serious they take their bbq:

The line was out the door.  An armed security guard – yes, he carried a gun – let each party in the door just a few people at a time.  But wow! That bbq was worth guarding!

The three of us shared ribs – half wet, half dry rub, a plate of bbq nachos and four sides.  It was all so, so good!

After dinner we went to the Pyramid that houses the Bass Pro Shop.  We’re not outdoorsy, but that place is so cool!  We rode the glass elevator to the top, stepped out on the lookout and took in gorgeous views of the city and Mississippi River.

Our last morning started with breakfast at Blue Plate Cafe.

Then we walked through the historic house district and headed to the Peabody Hotel to see the famous Peabody ducks.

We had such a great trip!  If you have someone in your life that you could swap trip planning with, I highly recommend doing it.

We never would have planned a trip to Memphis for ourselves, and Meredith said the same thing about Pittsburgh.  But it was so fun to explore a new place for a few days, to experience the surprise of it and to not have to do any planning for your own trip.

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