Over 30 Easy Recipes for Delicious Picnic Food

Did you know that April 23 happens to be National Picnic Day? It seems fitting that it would fall just about the time when we’re all quite ready to get outside and enjoy a bit of warm sunshine and a slower pace. And, let’s be honest, pretty much any day without rain or freezing temperatures ia a good day for some al fresco dining! I’m not sure what your picnic traditions include, or if you even have any but, there’s just something special about a picnic. It’s not that the food is fancier than most days, it’s the change of scenery and being in the middle of the budding and blooming color all around us. Just to make it easier for you to celebrate, I’ve gathered up over 30 recipes for delicious (and easy!) picnic food for you to try with your family.

To get you started, you’ll find 6 Tips and Menu Ideas for a Day at the Zoo or Park that may include several picnic opportunities. If you are traveling and need some ideas for picnicking on the road, this post could help, too!  Some of these sandwiches are often served hot, but I think they’d be fine cold, or the meat could be put in a thermal container to keep it warm. Others could be made at home and wrapped up to take with you, like the Hawaiian BBQ or Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwiches.

Pita Pockets Make Perfect Picnic Food

One of the best perks of these recipes is that the meats can be cooked in the crock pot and they all freeze well, which means if you make up an extra large batch now, you’ll be ready for weeks of impromptu picnics. And let’s face it, there are literally endless ways to fill pita pockets

  • Greek Chicken Pitas from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe.
  • These Greek Pita Sandwiches start with meatballs and just get better and better from there.
  • Chicken Gyros from Kate’s Recipe Box.
  • Beef Gyros are a great way to serve steak on a picnic.
  • We enjoy serving our Beef Shwarma with a cucumber-yogurt sauce instead of the traditional tahini sauce.
  • You can prep and freeze the meat for these Chicken Broccoli Picnic Pitas and add all the veggies to be served in the pita as a chicken salad. A perfectly tasty and tidy picnic option.

Shredded Meat Sandwiches are easy to make ahead and so filling

Chicken Salads & Sandwiches are always a hit

  • My Peach Chutney Chicken Salad Sandwich uses cooked chicken and a delightful combination of ingredients that taste great and come together quickly.

Summer Picnic Classics never fail to impress

  • Slow Cooker Beer Brats are a classic summer grill idea with only 2 ingredients that can actually be made in the slow cooker.
  • 70s Fried Baloney Sandwich and other such sandwiches are sure to make the kids happy with their classic simplicity.
  • Gina’s Club Sandwiches were named for my sister, and as you would imagine, it’s a tasty club sandwich for any day of the week, especially if a picnic is involved.
  • Tomato Sandwiches are perfect when those fresh tomatoes start showing up in the garden or your local farmer’s market. Nothing says summer like a thick sliced juicy fresh tomato.
  • The secret to these PBJ on Depression Era Bread is the tasty Depression Era Bread. It just takes the classic PBJ up a notch or two.
  • These Egg Salad Sandwiches are a classic recipe that includes how to boil the eggs, and a great little item to have the kids help whip up.

  • Loaded Hot Dogs can be made with 3-ingredient “Cheater Chili” and a little slaw.

Classics with a Twist keep things fun and interesting

Roulades, Frittata Bites & Chicken Legs are too good to pass up

  • These Ham & Swiss Roulades from Carmella at Assortment Blog are made using handmade or store-bought pizza dough and can be filled with a variety of meats and cheeses based on what sort of mood you’re in.
  • This Bacon Spinach Frittata Bites recipe from Jessica at Life as a Mom would be perfect for a breakfast picnic with some fresh fruit because picnics aren’t just for lunch and dinner!
  • Chili Sauce Chicken Legs are a tasty warm option that is easy to eat and slightly messy in a good way, making them perfect picnic food.

And there you have it, over 30 recipes for celebrating National Picnic Day on April 23 or any day you like!

Do you have a favorite picnic food? What about a favorite picnic spot, whether it’s one you go to now or one you enjoyed as a child?

21 Slow Cooker Sandwiches

Sandwiches are the classic “I need to feed my family–quick!” kind of meals. But quick and easy doesn’t have to mean PBJ or BLTs night after night. There are lots of delicious things to serve between two slices of bread.  Like these over 20 slow cooker sandwiches that you can throw into your slow cooker in the morning and forget about until dinner time. They’re life savers for us during the summer–or any busy time of the year! There’s enough variety that even if we ate sandwiches for a week straight, we’d probably not be tired of them.


The slow cooker is such a time saver. And when it’s hot–not having to heat up the kitchen is a huge bonus. And thanks to the slow cooker, you get to enjoy big, juicy flavorful sandwiches without slaving over the stove or grill for hours on hot or busy days.  That’s my kind of dinner!

If you want to see how easy these sandwiches are, check out the FB Live demo I did of getting Peach Pulled Pork BBQ in the slow cooker and making up the delicious apple slaw that goes with it!

20 Sandwiches in the Slow Cooker

1. Hawaiian BBQ Sandwiches are a fresh twist on an old favorite with BBQ, pineapple, and provolone.

2. Jerk Chicken Sandwiches are a delightful combo of jerk chicken and cucumber mango salsa.

3. Chicken Bacon & Ranch Sandwiches with creamy slaw are like a sandwich version of this favorite salad flavor profile.

4. Chicken Philly Sandwiches, because a Philly Sandwich doesn’t always have to be beef!

5. Did you know that you can whip up these BBQ Chicken Sandwiches by simply tossing the ingredients in the slow cooker and turning it on? It’s true, you don’t even have to stir them up!

6. Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwiches – for when you want to serve up the goodness of without the usual prepping and cooking fuss. You’re welcome!

7. Cilantro Lime Chicken Sandwiches pack a refreshing twist of Mexican flavor!

8. Balsamic Chicken Sandwiches from Robin at Add a Pinch

9. Beef Shwarma is made of tender middle-Eastern flavored beef and cucumber-yogurt sauce stuffed in pocket bread.


10. Beef Gyros are a tasty twist on the usual roasted lamb gyros.

11. French Dip Sandwiches in the slow cooker are such classic goodness that the whole family is sure to love.


12. These African Pulled Beef Sandwiches with yogurt mint sauce are based on a sandwich introduced a few years ago at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. They have just enough kick to give them a great flavor without burning your tongue.

13. Italian Beef Sandwiches are full of flavor with a bit of a kick, and they’re absolutely delicious!

14. Pizza Steak Sandwiches – for those who love meat on top of their meat. This one’s for you!

15. Just when you thought a Bacon Cheeseburger couldn’t get any better, we put the bacon in the burger instead of sliding around on top of the patty.


16. What happens when you add pasta sauce to an Italian Sausage Sandwich? Italian Sausage and Pepper Subs complete with provolone cheese and the goodness of Italian spices, of course!

17. Peach BBQ Pork Sliders are such a fun and casual way to enjoy BBQ, pork and peach salsa in one tasty sandwich, and add a bit of apple slaw. Yum!


18. Pork and Gravy Sandwiches can be served as a “regular” sandwich or open-faced with an extra serving of gravy poured over the top.

19. BBQ Peach Pulled Pork add the sweetness of peach salsa to the classic BBQ pork sandwich.


20. Two ingredients and a slow cooker are all you need for these flavorful Beer Brats and an easy dinner.

21. Peach BBQ Pork Sliders are such a fun and casual way to enjoy BBQ, pork and peach salsa in one tasty sandwich, and add a bit of apple slaw. Yum!