Sweet and Sour Chicken Skillet {Video!}


Eat at Home LIVE replay! We’re making SWEET AND SOUR CHICKEN, starting with our BASIC CHICKEN SKILLET recipe.

Get the Basic Chicken Skillet recipe plus 7 variations by clicking this link —> https://eatathomecooks.com/skilletdinners/

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  1. Ham

  2. I’m trying to figure it out. It needs to be portable because we’re working over at the other place. Maybe I should go start some bread!

  3. Having veggie stir fry for dinner tonight!!!

  4. Easter dinner-ham cuz Kiddo will be home for a couple days, but not here for Easter.

  5. Yes….put a piece of bread in there

  6. Put a slice of bread in it will soft it up

  7. I use the little clay disk in my brown sugar and it keeps it soft

  8. Just tuned in, are you using chicken breast?

  9. NO…i would cook when I got home

  10. Rice does take long I’d wait

  11. Ive used my instant pot for roast while I was at church several times.

  12. 20 mins

  13. Make before

  14. Speaking of rice in IP-I tired it for the first time last night and had to leave as soon as pressure released (wouldn’t leave house before it did!) and it was kind of sticky. Do you think that’s because I left it sitting in the pot for a couple of hours?

  15. Cook ahead put in fridge then microwave later

  16. could you serve over mashed potatos?

  17. potatoes

  18. Brown rice

  19. only cause the mashed potatoes is quicker

  20. maybe orzo

  21. What if you did noodles and did like a chicken helper? Tweak it to whatever you got.

  22. I use Udon noodles

  23. Could I put it on top of Miracle Shiitake Noodles.

  24. Thank you much!!

  25. Hi from Texas!🇨🇱

  26. Nita from California “skillet”

  27. Hello from Belleville IL

  28. Skillet – thank you ma’am 🙋🏽

  29. Good morning from Nanaimo, BC 🇨🇦

  30. Roast in a instapot.

  31. Weird word- skillet- looked it up- French & Latin “diminutive of plate or serving platter”

  32. Add a tablespoon of oil to your instant pot. It will help keep it from being too sticky:)

  33. Breakfast for dinner tonight.

  34. Gallatin, Tn -Skillet

  35. Watching replay from WV this rainy afternoon.

  36. Skillet form Wolcott ny

  37. If you send me the recipe i can make that for dinner skillet

  38. Alaska. Meatloaf for dinner

  39. We’ve been trying to grill steaks 🥩 for a couple of days. Weather issues. Any suggestions of things I could do with steak instead.

  40. Use the xoxo container. Works awesome 😎

  41. Yes I use the delay cook on my oven with no worries.

  42. Caitlin Russell

  43. Skilllet

  44. Sc

  45. Turkey and gravy green bean and mash potato

  46. ⛪️Columbia, Tennessee. Skillet

  47. Skillet. Illinois

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