9 Easy Sheet Pan Dinners Your Family Will Love


You know I’m all about good food. But if I can make dinner time easier? I’m on it. That’s one of the reasons why I really love my slow cooker. I can let it do all of the time-consuming work and the flavors of slow-cooked food are usually incredible. I make dozens of slow cooker meals all time, and I also make it a point to keep my freezer well stocked with freezer friendly foods for all kinds of meals. But freezer cooking and slow cooker dinners aren’t the only ways to save time on dinner prep.

I’ve recently fallen in love with a new-to-me way to prepare delicious meals for my family: sheet pan dinners! Sheet pan dinners are sort of like the one pot meal of the oven. You put everything on one big sheet. Prep time is minimal, and clean up is a breeze! My family has loved the sheet pan meals I’ve tried out so far. And there are lots of ways you can vary what you put on the pan so it never gets boring.

These are nine of the meals that I’ve made for my family in the past year or so. We keep coming back to them because sheet pan meals aren’t just easy, they’re really tasty! And no one minds having fewer dishes to clean up afterward either.  In my book, it’s a win on every side.


There’s a basic formula for sheet pan dinners:  

Large sheet pan + meat + veggies + olive oil + seasonings

You will need to do a small bit of math.  Figure out the amount of time each item needs to roast in the oven, then add items to the pan at the proper time.

I find having a large sheet pan to be a big help.  I own this Nordic Ware Half Sheet.  If you don’t own a large one, use several regular sized pans instead. You may have to rotate which shelves the pans are on so they can roast evenly if you use a couple sheets at a time.

See-it’s super easy! Now let’s get on to these delicious recipes!

9 Super Easy Sheet Pan Dinners You’ll want to Try

1.  Smoked Sausage and Seasoned Potatoes Sheet Pan Dinner

Smoked Sausage Sheet Pan Dinner with seasoned potatoes

2.  Pork Chops and Apples Sheet Pan Dinner

Pork Chops and Apples Sheet Pan Dinner

3. Pork Chops and Veggies Sheet Pan Dinner

Chipotle pork chop sheet pan dinner

4.  Pork Chops and Root Veggies with Cranberries Sheet Pan Dinner

sheet pan supper

5.  Turkey Sheet Pan Dinner

Turkey sheet pan supper

6.  Maple Balsamic Roast Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner

Maple Balsamic Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner

7.  Garlic Dijon Fish Sheet Pan Dinner


8.  Roasted Chicken and Veggies Sheet Pan dinner


Roasted Chicken and Vegetables Sheet Pan dinner

9. Chicken Tenders and Roasted Veggies

I hope you’ll give sheet pan dinners a try if you haven’t already.  It’s such an easy way to make a great meal for your family!

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  1. I feel like fajitas would be really well suited to the sheet-pan method. Chicken breasts or steaks, the sliced onions & peppers, all covered in fajita spices?

  2. Josephine C. says:

    Did you roast them like that, or just put them together for your photos with the food piled high? Everything I’ve read says sheet-pan roasted foods need to be spread out to roast properly. Otherwise, it just steams and (as I can attest) doesn’t caramelize from the heat.


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