3 Things That Work in the Kitchen – Unboxing a brand new Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

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1.  Unboxing the Instant Pot and comparing it to the Cuisinart

I mentioned last week that I’d ordered a new Instant Pot.  When it came I popped on Facebook Live and did an unboxing video.  This was probably the funnest Facebook Live I’ve done so far.  It’s always fun to open a new box, there was a lot of interaction from viewers and maybe I’m getting a little more comfortable with the platform.


You can watch the video here.  I’ve been using the Instant Pot for different recipes and will write a post on my thoughts soon.

2.  Homemade Apple Sauce in the Instant Pot

I love to make homemade apple sauce in the slow cooker.  It tastes like fall should taste – warm and full of cinnamon sweetness!  The other night I decided to make the recipe in the Instant Pot.  It took about 20-25 minutes total, which is pretty quick.  I did modify the slow cooker recipe just a little bit.  I’ll share the recipe soon.

3.  Music I’ve been listening to

I’ve shared some of my favorite podcasts with you before, but I don’t know if I’ve ever shared music.  I like to listen while I cook in the evenings.  If I find an album I like, I tend to listen to it on repeat.  Here are a couple that I’ve been rotating through lately:

Hard Love by NeedtoBreathe – I can’t get enough of this album.

Georgia Pond by Johnnyswim – I just discovered Johnnyswim and I’m so happy I did.  I love their new album!

Hamilton – I’m still listening to this pretty frequently, which has me plotting ways to see it on stage.  The original cast recording does have a lot of language in it, but there’s an edited version available on Amazon.

What’s working in your kitchen and what do you like to listen to while cooking?

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  1. Leaving a late comments to say: if you can find any way to see Hamilton, do it! I just saw it in Chicago, and I was absolutely blown away. It exceeds all expectations, and is completely worth it!

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