Using up Easter candy – Butterfinger Egg Cookies and more

Do you have some Easter candy to use up?  I know we do!

These cookies are a good way to use Nestle Butterfinger Eggs.  The chocolate dough gets rolled in sugar.  Then, after baking, the cookies get topped with a chocolate egg.  My kids loved these!

We’re just barely peeking into Spring now that it’s April.  It’s not too late to enjoy all that Spring has to offer – eggs, flowers peeping up, the smell of new grass, and of course Easter candy!

This is a good recipe for kids to help make.  Even young ones can unwrap the Nestle Eggs and set them into the freshly baked cookies.  Older kids can read the recipe and mix up the dough.  If you’re at the end of your Spring break, this would be a good activity to keep everyone busy.

You can find the recipe at

There are a lot of other Spring recipes on as well, including fun cakes, Brownie Cupcakes and more.

There’s even a recipe for a fun Jelly Bean Easter Bark that is perfect if you have a bowl of jelly beans to use.  The colored jelly beans look so pretty in white chocolate.  There’s something about white chocolate that tastes like Easter to me.

Do you still have Easter candy at your house?

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Dark Chocolate Cranbery Walnut Clusters

This is a guest post from Christine at Random Hangers.  If you’re interested in guest posting on Eat at Home, contact me.

Dark chocolate, dried cranberries and walnuts all contain antioxidants, which have been known to reduce blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tasty treat out there that contained all three? Read on! [Read more…]

Peppermint Bark

peppermint bark done

Have you ever been wandering the mall at this time of year and popped into a Williams Sonoma store?  They often give out samples of their Peppermint Bark.  Delicious stuff, and at $22 a pound it should be.  But you can make it at home for much less.  I found a copy cat recipe at this site[Read more…]

Homemade Peppermint Patties

peppermint patties done half

I think I make more candy at Christmas than cookies.  I like to dip things in chocolate.

Peppermint Patties are easy to make, but they do take a bit of time.  It’s worth the effort.  The recipe makes a lot of candy, plenty to give some away and keep some for yourself. [Read more…]

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