No Recipe Required – 10 Ways to Fix Chicken on the Fly

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Does this ever happen to you?  You know dinner is going to be chicken because you’ve got a pack of boneless breasts/thighs/tenders or bone-in legs/breasts/thighs.  But you have no desire to think up a recipe to turn them into dinner.

You don’t need a recipe.  You just need some ideas.

Here are 10 ways (plus a few cooking methods) to get you started.  

Cooking method 1:  Slow Cooker

This is my favorite way to cook.  Throw it in the crock and bam – hours later, dinner is ready.  Obviously, this method works best if you have plenty of time.

Cooking method 2:  Oven

Thawed boneless pieces should take about an hour to cook, less if they’re thin (like breast tenders).  Bone-in pieces I give an hour and 15 minutes or more if they are thick.

Sprinkle or Pour on Flavor

  1. Salsa  – Any type.  Try black bean and corn or chipotle lime or another style for a fun variation.
  2. Bbq sauce – Any type.
  3. Salad dressing – French, Catalina, Italian etc.
  4. Stir fry sauce, orange sauce, mandarin sauce etc.
  5. A sweet (like honey or jelly) with a sour/tart (like ketchup, cocktail sauce, chili sauce, bbq sauce) use up the bottles in your fridge.
  6. Taco seasoning – shred and serve in tortillas
  7. Spaghetti sauce – add mozzarella or provolone slices during the last few minutes of cooking
  8. Crushed tomatoes/diced tomatoes/tomato sauce with Italian seasoning
  9. Jar of gravy
  10. Cream of…soup, add onions and/or other veggies

What’s your favorite way to fix chicken?

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  1. For me, the slow cooker is the easiest way to cook chicken- just toss some in and add whatever is handy around the house.

  2. I like to roll the chicken pieces in dry soup mix and bake them. Any variety that doesn’t have noodles.

  3. We love crockpot chicken. In fact, it’s one of my oldest’s favorite meals. I just place it in the crockpot sprinkle some spices on top. Put the lid on and let it cook all day.

  4. I am partial to using BBQ sauce ( and am a huge fan of grilling as a cooking method. Surprised that option wasn’t listed. Thanks for sharing.


    • Dave, I did think about listing grilling as a cooking option. I grill a lot in warmer weather, but I can’t say I’m very good at it. I just throw the food on and let it cook itself!


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