Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore

This easy slow cooker Chicken Cacciatore is a crowd pleaser!  I created it on a Sunday morning.  It cooked while we were at church and was ready to eat when we got home.

I fully intended to show you a photo of the finished deal.  I took several, but they didn’t turn out at all.  I guess we were so hungry that I snapped too quickly.

This dish is full of chicken, bell peppers and onions in homemade tomato sauce.  Red wine brings more flavor to the sauce, but you can leave this out if you need to.  Serve the chicken and sauce over hot pasta.  I used bow tie pasta, but you can use any shape you like.

Here’s what you’ll need to make Chicken Cacciatore:   [Read more…]


Chicken Philly Sandwiches in the Slow Cooker


This is one of those “throw it all in the crockpot” recipes that I love.  I made it on a busy day last week or the week before.

Actually, I’m not sure exactly when I made it.  Soccer season is in high gear right now, and schedules are a bit like moving targets.  We’ve packed more lunch meat sandwiches to be eaten on the field than I care to admit.

I don’t even have an ingredient photo for this.  I could have sworn that I snapped one, but I can’t find it on my camera.  The ingredients are all common though, with the possible exception of marinated artichoke hearts.

I was a little afraid my kids would balk at the artichokes, but they didn’t.  After it all cooked and we put it on sandwiches under melted cheese, they didn’t notice the ‘chokes.

Notice the big air pocket holes in the buns?  I cheaped out in the bread section.  Instead of buying hoagie rolls, I saved $1 and bought these strange rolls.  Every one of them had a giant hole in it.  They tasted good, but it made for strange looking sandwiches.

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Summer Corn Salad

I have wanted to try this recipe for a long time, but somehow I just recently got around to it.  It comes from the cookbook Country Gourmet (a fantastic book that is out of print now, I think).

One of the reasons it took me so long to try it is that the recipe calls for fresh corn cut off the cob.  I’m super lazy.  I think I’ve mentioned that before.

I finally realized I could cheat with this recipe and use frozen corn instead of fresh.  I’m sure fresh would be better, but I also know I’ll be making this salad a lot more often since I can cheat with a bag from the freezer section.

Here’s what you’ll need:  [Read more…]


Slow Cooker Spicy Chicken Soup – with variations to fit your pantry

This soup has a lot of things going for it.

It can be made entirely in the slow cooker.

The chicken cooks in the soup, so no need for an extra step.

Just like taco soup, there are a million variations.  Use what you’ve got available in your pantry.

Here’s what I used:  [Read more…]

Hamburger Pasta Soup

I created this soup the other day when I needed something fast for dinner.  If you’ve got cooked hamburger in the freezer, this meal really comes together quick.  It’s a combination of Hamburger Vegetable Soup and Pasta Soup.

Feel free to vary the recipe according to what you like and what you have available in your pantry.  It’s a good one for using up small amounts of pasta.  You could also use rice or barley instead of the pasta.  And you might want to add more veggies.

Here’s what I used:  [Read more…]

Sweet and Sour Pork Chops in the Slow Cooker or How to Make Dinner from What’s in the Fridge

Good news!  Just by rummaging through your pantry, fridge and freezer and creatively combining a few ingredients, you can have dinner tonight.

Here’s how it works.  Choose a meat from the fridge or freezer.  I chose boneless pork chops, but you might pick chicken or beef instead.

Check the fridge for a likely looking veggie or two.  I found a green pepper and onion.  Other candidates include red pepper, green onions, sugar snap peas, green beans, carrots – you get the idea.  Anything that you’ve got that sounds good. [Read more…]

Bowtie Pasta with Italian Sausage and Bell Peppers

There are nights when I stare into my pantry, wondering what I’m going to fix.  On this particular night, the contents of the pantry made me consider making Italian Sausage with Bowties but I didn’t have any stewed tomatoes.  I decided to change the recipe up a bit and came up with this.

Like the original, it’s a cinch to make and quick too.  This one gets an added taste boost from the peppers.  Here’s what you’ll need: [Read more…]

Cheesy Rice and Meatball Skillet Dish

Remember all the 88 meatballs I made and froze?  Some of them were destined for this dish.

This is based on a recipe in an old church cookbook.  I made it according to the recipe the first time (unusual for me to follow a recipe exactly!), which means I used the Velveeta it called for.  Much as we like Velveeta, it was too gooey and sticky for us.

A week later, I gave the recipe a make-over.  I swapped out the Velveeta for Italian blend cheese and added garlic and Italian seasonings.  It’s still a quick stove-top meal, but with much better flavor.

Here’s what you’ll need: [Read more…]

Western Omelette Casserole

For Christmas morning, I wanted to make a different type of breakfast casserole than the egg/sausage one I usually make.  We have to have some kind of protein to counteract the cinnamon rolls, frozen fruit cups, and hot cocoa.

I set out on a search to find a recipe that suited me, but since I’m picky, I couldn’t find the perfect casserole.  So, I created one based on several recipes.  I knew I wanted ham, peppers and onions.  And it needed to be something I could make the day before and pop in the oven on Christmas morning to bake.

The result was exactly what I hoped for.  The green and red pepper made it look Christmasy, but it would be good for any brunch.  It would also make a good breakfast-for-dinner meal.  I didn’t get a photo of the ingredients, but here’s what you’ll need: [Read more…]

French Bread Pizza

This is a guest post from Crystal at Crystal and Comp.

We love this at our house. It is beyond simple, takes less than 30 minutes from prep to table, and is an excellent alternative to traditional pizza that is easy to personalize for everyone’s taste.

You’ll Need: [Read more…]