Plan to Eat Giveaway! (Giveaway now closed)

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I’m very excited today to welcome Eat at Home’s new sponsor!  Plan to Eat is an online menu planner that is fun, versatile and useful.

Stick with me, because I’m giving away 1 membership to Plan to Eat!

Recipes can be added from blogs, websites or your own recipe files.  You can tag the recipes for easy sorting. It’s the ultimate recipe box.

The planning is all done with drag and drop, right into the calendar.

All the meals and recipes you plan are automatically compiled into a shopping list.

And, if you’re lucky enough to have a smart phone (my phone isn’t this smart), you can access Plan to Eat while you’re in the store.  You can even check items off the list on your phone, while you shop.  How cool is that!

The cost for this resource is $39/year or $4.95/month.  But you can enter to win a 1 year membership today!

You can have up to 2 entries: Giveaway now closed

  1. Leave a comment with your must-have Thanksgiving dish. (The rest of this week is Thanksgiving recipe week, so we’ll start it rolling by sharing our favorite dishes.)
  2. Become a subscriber of Eat at Home.  Those of you who subscribe through email, will get a free download of my Holiday Meal Planning Worksheet.  Just leave a comment letting me know that you have subscribed (or that you’re already a subscriber).

Check out the tour of Plan to Eat and don’t forget to leave your comments to enter!  The contest ends Friday night and I’ll announce the winner Saturday.

This post is linked to Contesting Monday at Nerd Family Money. Find lots of contests and giveaways there.

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  1. I just subscribed. I am so glad that I found your website. I have been telling friends about it too.

  2. I subscribed. I love your site. It has saved me many times.

  3. My must have Thanksgiving recipe is my mother-in-laws stuffing and gravy… yum!

  4. Thanksgiving must have — mom’s pecan pie! I’m already a RSS subscriber.

  5. I already get your daily emails!

    Would LOVE to win this! Awesome!

  6. must have Thanksgiving dish…. my MIL makes a mean corn casserole dish! totally a must have!

  7. I’m a subscriber. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! I love my grandma’s stuffing and gravy. She makes a whole crock-pot full of gravy and it is so delicious!

  8. I subscribe to your emails and love reading them. Now you’re also on my facebook to share with other friends.

  9. I am an email subscriber and a dedicated page checker every day! lol I love your site, it’s made dinner at our home a lot more wholesome and affordable too!!! A Thanksgiving must have in my home is sweet-potato pie. Now we call it pie but the more I say that the more people say “hey! that’s not quite pie qualifying” haha It’s sweet potatoes (yams really) mashed up and I add some yummy ingredients to it. Then I bake it just to make it warm enough, add some tiny marshmallows (or big ones for fun) and when the marshmallows are browned from the broiler it’s done! My father would make it, and after he passed a few years back, i made sure to keep on with it 🙂

  10. I was a subscriber but somehow got unsubscribed last week – but I’m now subscribed again!! 🙂

  11. Must haves at our Thanksgiving is homemade noodles and of course my grandma’s stuffing. Go glad she taught me to make these delish foods.

  12. I am a subscriber

  13. and my “new” must have Thanksgiving dish is Sauted Shredded Brussel sprouts….they are soooo yummy and I got so many compliments on them.

    **the only thing I did differently was that I added cooked, crumbled bacon to mine! Yummmm…

  14. Must have ~ oyster stuffing!

  15. Thanksgiving must haves: green bean casserole and mashed potatoes!

  16. As long as I have turkey and dressing, Thanksgiving is complete.
    I’ve been a subscriber for a while, read your wall posts on Facebook everyday.

  17. I have to have pumpkin pie!


  18. I subscribe via email!


  19. must have pecan pie and sweet potato casserole!!

  20. Debra Kopecky says:

    I am a subscriber and the one dish that I must have at Thanksgiving is the stuffing…’s just not the same without it!

  21. I just subscribed…

  22. My one can’t live without Thanksgiving dish is dressing like my mama’s.

  23. My Thanksgiving must have are my mom’s sweet potatoes!! Yum! Can’t wait to have those really soon!

  24. I just subscribed and am so excited about getting the daily updates!

  25. My must have Thanksgiving dish is Sweet Potato pie! Mmmmm… I’m drooling just thinking about it!

  26. No Thanksgiving would be complete without my mom’s pecan pies! So glad it’s only a few more weeks to wait!

  27. I just subscribed – thanks!

  28. our must-have is fresh cranberry relish – an orange, cranberries and sugar, processed (we let it marinate overnight)

  29. I just subscribed to the mailing list. I have been visiting your site for a while now, just never subscribed. I love your site! Thanks for all the great recipes!

  30. My must have dish for Thanksgiving is cornbread dressing. It is the only time of year we make this. Why? I don’t know. It is one of my favorite dishes. Top if off with some cream gravy…yum!

  31. Our Thanksgiving must have is cranberry sauce, one from the can (for my husband) and one home made by me for everyone else!

  32. My must have is homemade mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving that my sister makes.

    I am a subscriber as well, so I’d love your holiday worksheet!


  33. Just subscribed! I found this site actually last night thru Once a Month Mom. Great website, love the menus, keep up the great work!

  34. Been a l-o-n-g time subscriber. I <3 Eat At Home!

  35. Count me in for the giveaway! I could SO use this! =)

  36. Shoot–I forgot my favorite dish—sweet potato casserole. YUM!

  37. I just subscribed! I love your website!!

  38. Bonnie Webb says:

    A Thanksgiving Must……
    Bread Stuffing!

  39. I am a subscriber already. My favorite, go-to dish on Thanksgiving is my mother’s stuffing. It has sausage and hamburger in it with the stuffing mix. Absolutely delicious.

  40. I am a subscriber. Thanks for all of the good ideas.

  41. I am already a subscriber! I stumbled across this site a while ago. I have referred the site to a lot of friends and they love it too! Thanks! My favorite Thanksgiving dish is sweet potato casserole. It is so good, must have the tiny marshmallows on top. 🙂

  42. Other than Turkey, we must have pie in our house….apple pie, pumpkin pie, it doesn’t matter as long as it is pie…..

  43. I am already a subscriber.

  44. I just subscribed to your email updates. Thanksgiving must have turkey, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce. My mom makes wonderful pies too as well as her cream cheese mashed potatoes. Yum. Now I am hungry 😉

  45. I have subscribed to your e-mail updates. My families Thanksgiving must have dish is homemade Pumpkin Pie!!

  46. I am a subscriber through Google Reader and love your site.

  47. My must haves for Thanksgiving would be stuffing and pumpkin pie.

  48. Pecan Pie!!! yum!

  49. I am a subscriber.

  50. My must have is Grandma’s dressing. Unfortunately she has alzheimers and no longer cooks but, I have have gotten pretty close to hers. The rest of the family seems to like it anyway.

    I also love some freshly made cranberry sauce!

  51. Gotta have mashed potatoes & gravy – I could just eat that and be happy forever 🙂

  52. Must have Thanksginging dish is Apple/Cranberry casserole. You make it like apple crisp adding cranberries as well. It is great with Turkey.

  53. My must have is homemade mashed potatoes and gravy! I would take it as a dessert I like it so much. YUMMMMM

  54. Our “must have” is my Nannie’s Cherry Cream Pie dessert. Yum. Now I’m hungry!

  55. My must have is homemade mashed potatoes and gravy. I could eat it for dessert I like it so much. YUMMMMM

  56. Candice S says:

    My fave Thanksgiving dish is my grandmother’s cornbread dressing. It’s made completely from scratch including the broth and the bread. Nothing else like it!

  57. Candice S says:

    I subscribed to the email list.

  58. Pumpkin Cheesecake is a must have at our Thanksgiving meal!

  59. Just Subscribed

  60. Thanksgiving is never complete without mashed potatoes……I could live off of them for the rest of my life 🙂

  61. I must have pumpkin pie @ Thanksgiving! In fact, we just finished up an early pumpkin pie the other night and I told my husband that I could eat about 12 more of them! 😀

  62. …and I subscribe through rss.

  63. Is it sad that my must-have dish is jellied cranberry sauce straight from the can? My mom will confirm this.

    Mashed potatoes and gravy are a close second 🙂

  64. Oh, I could REALLY use this! My must have is our family’s corn bake casserole. SOOOOOO good.

  65. I’m a subscriber in Google Reader!

  66. Also, I subscribe to Eat at Home via Google Reader; does that count?

  67. Mashed potatoes, for sure! This looks like a great program. Thanks for the giveaway!

  68. Christmas would not be the same without my Mom’s Broccoli Casserole. It is so creamy and good!

  69. green bean casserole and rolls are must haves

  70. i subscribe via google reader. thanks!

  71. LOVE me some sweet potato casserole. Can’t do without! =) Great give a way…thank you!

  72. Besides the requisite turkey, I love experimenting with different stuffing/dressing recipes. One year cornbread, another brioche. There are so many varieties!

  73. my must have is my mom’s homemade banana pudding – yum & the ham… & the mashed potatoes, greenbean cas, corn, bread… really I think everything is a ‘must have’ … : )

  74. My family loves our Hashrown Casserole for Thanksgiving and I’ve gotta have my cranberries!

  75. mashed potoatoes!

  76. I subscribed via email

  77. Gotta have turkey! Everything else is, well, gravy!

  78. i subscribe.

  79. i look forward to sweet potatoes and cranberries this year. i haven’t had an appreciation for them before really…

  80. Became a subscriber! Thank you.

  81. You have to have stuffing or dressing at Thanksgiving.

  82. I follow Eat at Home via google reader.

  83. OK. I subscribed so that I’ll get your posts via e-mail. I’m a follower, but I don’t usually check blogger every day.

    As for favorite Thanksgiving dish…mashed potatoes with gravy are a must for me!

  84. I subscribe via Google Reader!

  85. My must have at Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie-with cool whip on top of course!

  86. Joellyn Aldrich says:

    Lets see…there’s the gotta have stuffing and the gotta have mashed potatoes and gravy and the gotta have cranberry sauce!! LOL!! And I subscribe to Eat at Home through email/ RSS/FB!! 😀

  87. Just subscribed via email. Thanks for the giveaway!

  88. Loaded mashed potatoes and gravy. Well, and turkey, of course!

  89. Subscriber via Google Reader.

  90. I look forward all year to my grandma’s homemade dressing! It is not Thanksgiving without it!

  91. My must have Thanksgiving dish is my gramma’s “Northern Dressing.” We live in AL but we eat MO -born dressing (bread, not cornbread like most people in the south). My mom was born in MO and my gramma brought the recipe with her! I could live off of her dressing!

  92. Oh, what is TG without pumpkin pie?!

  93. My Thanksgiving must-have dish is an old stand-by: mashed potatoes. I can’t live without them!

  94. Must have Thanksgiving dish is pumpkin pie. We use my grandmother’s recipe which is sweet and custardy (no pie spice or cinnamon – just sugar and whipped egg whites which make it extra fluffy).

  95. Just subscribed – I love your site so subscribing should have already been a “no brainer.”

  96. I would say pie, but specifically, chocolate silk pie made with lots of Cool Whip. Not very traditional, but I love it!

  97. In 21 years of marriage I’ve never cooked a turkey! But it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without my husband’s turkey!!!

    (and then white bread, jellied canned cranberry sauce, and mayo for sandwiches!)

  98. I’m already a subscriber…oh yeah!

  99. Must have stuffing and pumpkin pie….yummmeee!! 🙂

  100. I’m a dork, but I loooooove jello with carrots in it. Double yum if it’s orange or red jello!

  101. My must have dish is homemade cranberry sauce! Nothing beats it. I guess it’s more of a side than a dish, but it counts!

  102. Also, I just subscribed to the email list and was already on RSS.

  103. angela domville says:

    I’m a subscriber!!

  104. angela domville says:

    My must have Thanksgiving dish is mashed potatoes…with lots of turkey gravy. Yum!

  105. I just discovered your website and immediately subscribed. I am looking forward to all of your updates.

  106. My all-time favorite must-have dish at Thanksgiving dinner must be my mom’s turkey stuffing. It is always so moist and delicious. I wish mine would turn out half as good as hers! (I think it takes years of practice and tons of love to make!) Anyway, I am already subscribed to Eat At Home blog, via google reader, but I did subscribe again via email. I love your blog! I previously had a trial account at Plan to Eat and would so love to win a year’s subscription. I can’t afford to buy one at the moment because my husband is a full-time student and we still haven’t found a part time job for him, so little luxury purchases like a subscription to Plan to Eat are on the back burner for me for a bit. Anyway, great idea for a contest! Good luck everyone!

  107. i subscribed via email 🙂

  108. I must have mashed potatoes w/ gravy! <3 mmm….good!

  109. I subscribed to your site!

    I’ve stopped by a few times already, but I’m looking forward to exploring your site more. The recipes look fantastic!

  110. I am a subscriber!!! not a lurker anymore…My favorite holiday dish is my brothers garlic Mashed Potatoes…Yum.

  111. Must have oysters— stew and dressing.

  112. I love my starches- dressing, mashed potatoes, and bread. Yum!

  113. I’m a subscriber via Google Reader!

  114. We always have lots of olives with our Thanksgiving meal. =)

  115. Wow… favorite thanksgiving dish… hmmm my Mom’s warm, melt in your mouth parkerhouse rolls and green bean casserole. Never served together though as my Mom serves thanksgiving dinner and she doesn’t make green bean casserole. So I just host a girlfriend Thanksgiving meal and get both at my house {cause my Mom makes the rolls for my meal LOL}.

  116. I love the stuffing my Mom has always cooked, especially the stuffing that was baked in the turkey! Yum–I could eat a plate of it covered in turkey gravy!

  117. Ditto on all of the home made cranberry entries. Also – roasted brussels sprouts.

  118. I can’t have thanksgiving without stuffing! and can’t have stuffing without sage.

  119. and I’m already subscribed via googlereader

  120. My must have dish at Thanksgiving is TURKEY !!! And stuffing of course.

  121. I am a subscriber, too.

  122. Ooooh Pick me, pick me lol!! I have been doing the 30 day trial and want to sign up for a year at the end of the trial period. I am so thrilled you are featuring them as I think it is wonderful!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  123. My favorite dish at Thanksgiving is the sweet potatoe casserole!

  124. My must have Thanksgiving dish is mashed potatoes!

  125. I’m a subscriber via Google Reader

  126. My MUST have dish at Thanksgiving is my mom’s potato salad. I don’t know why, it’s just something that HAS to be made or it’s not complete.

    I’m a subscriber!

  127. Must have dish “Sweet Potato Casserole”. I am a suscriber and this service looks wonderful! Would love to try it out 🙂

  128. I’m a subscriber!

  129. And my absolutely MUST have holiday dish is baked corn pudding. My grandma always had this on the table for the holiday and we’ve carried on the tradition.

  130. I have a favorite stuffing recipe that is a must at our Thanksgiving dinner!

  131. I’m a subscriber and follow you on Facebook.

  132. Pumpkin pie!

  133. Kristin T says:

    Sweet Potatoe Pie!

  134. Must have tradition for me-strawberry jello with bananas. I know a little out there, but my grandma always made it for me:)

  135. Mashed Sweet Potatoes! (I thought I did not like sweet potatoes until I made it with fresh sweet potatoes and used a recipe from foodnetwork. Now I cannot wait until we have sweet potatoes!

  136. OldNuffToKnoBtr says:

    My sister’s homemade cranberry sauce is a must have.

  137. OldNuffToKnoBtr says:

    I’m a subscriber. Thanks

  138. I’m a subscriber!

  139. Thanksgiving must-have is my great-grandmother’s recipe for dressing — includes homemade cornbread and turkey essence!

  140. I subscribed and love your site!

  141. My must have is mashed potatoes with cheese on top– bascially twice baked potatoes. Oh they are soooo yummy!

  142. My must-have for Thanksgiving is my mom’s 24-hour Cranberry Salad and creamy Mashed potatoes!

  143. I actually have two must haves….honey baked ham, spoiled, i know, and my mom’s “green slime”. It’s really lime jello surprise, but we’ve always called it green slime. YUM!

  144. I LOVE plan to eat, I am a current user and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a year of it paid for.

    So, this is my second entry to tell you that I already am a subscriber! Thanks for the opportunity!

  145. I just subscribed by email yesterday! I have to have potato salad and stuffing! (my moms will only do)

  146. Took the tour of Plan to Eat! I hope I win, sure could use this!

  147. Melissa Bryant says:

    My Thanksgiving must have would have to be homemade mashed potatoes.

  148. My must-have food is green bean casserole! Last year I was due to have my baby within a few days of Thanksgiving, and I kept thinking that I would go into labor the day before and wouldn’t get to attend Thanksgiving dinner! lol. He ended up being born on the 14th, so I got my casserole.

  149. My mom’s stuffing! I haven’t had it for 10 years since we must always have T-day dinner at husband’s family house.

  150. I just subscribed.

  151. My family loves homemade yeasted potato rolls.

  152. My family loves mashed potatoes – using half regular/half red makes them the best!

  153. Must have the raw cranberry-orange relish. From the Joy of Cooking, of course. No weird wiggly stuff from a can!

  154. Hey! I LOVE your blog…I’ve been busy busy lately, and just NOW found out about this! AHHHH…Well, Since you asked, my favorite Thanksgiving Dinner dish, is actually a dessert. My mom’s Chocolate Pie. It’s unlike any other chocolate pie I’ve ever had. It’s more like a chocolate mousse pie. Its made with mostly butter, eggs, unsweetened chocolate and sugar. Its pure bliss, and delish. It’s now a tradition for me to make it to bring to Thanksgiving. Since my birthday is in April, my mom always asks what kind of cake, and I always tell her no cake, but pie!!! It’s like Thanksgiving in April, that’s how much I love this pie!!! I’ve been a follower for about a month now, I’ll double check to make sure I am a follower just in case because I’ve been wanting to subscribe to Plan to Eat, but haven’t had the time recently! Thanks for all that you do! LOVE your work and words. I’ve actually added a button to your blog on my blog side-panel!!! Have a wonderful Halloween weekend! Again, Thanks!!!

  155. Becky @ Our Peaceful Home says:

    Ok, so excited about that sweet potato and apples slow cooker recipe I just read!

  156. Becky @ Our Peaceful Home says:

    I subscribe!

  157. We love cranberry relish, for Thanksgiving and throughout the year. It goes great with turkey, on sandwiches, with chicken, on bagels. It’s great 🙂


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