Garlic Pepper Chicken and Broccoli with Parmesan Pasta (and Sam’s Club Card giveaway!)

Broccoli, chicken and pasta.  Any meal I make with these three favorites is going to be a hit in this house.  Luckily, they’re also key ingredients for quick, weeknight meals.

For this recipe, I wanted to keep the flavors simple, but vibrant.  Black pepper is so common, we sometimes forget that it can stand on it’s own.  I didn’t want this to be too peppery for the kids, so I went a little lighter than if it had just been Jim and I eating.

I also used  Beneforté Naturally Better Broccoli.  I had the opportunity to try this veggie a few weeks ago, when I paired it in a salad with quinoa.

Beneforté broccoli is an improved nutrition broccoli.  It’s a result of cross-pollination of commercial broccoli with a wild variety found in Italy. The taste is the same, but each serving contains 2-3 times more of the plant nutrient glucoraphanin compared to other broccoli varieties. Glucoraphanin boosts the body’s antioxidant enzyme levels and these enzymes in Beneforté help maintain the antioxidant activity of vitamins A, C and E.

It’s also really clean and fresh, right out of the bag.  That makes it perfect for munching and quick to add to a recipe.

Here’s what you’ll need to make Garlic Pepper Chicken and Broccoli with Parmesan Pasta.  (Keep reading to enter the giveaway!)   [Read more…]

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