Drive. Play. Feed. Sports Season Suppers – Rock the Slow Cooker

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Whoever invented the slow cooker should be held in high esteem, right up there with the inventor of the Ziploc bag.

You can make your slow cooker work even harder for you by choosing the perfect recipe to coordinate with your day.  What do I mean by that?

Well, some days you may only have 5 minutes to throw food into the slow cooker.

Some days, you need the recipe to cook all day long.  Not every meal will hold up to that.

And some days, not only will you not be home to cook dinner, but some members of the family will need to eat before you get home.  I’ve found on nights when Jim or the older kids are going to have to fix it themselves, it needs to be ready to go.  No veggies or rice or pasta to cook to go with it.  It’s got to be simple and done.

With all of that in mind, here’s a list of meals to fit each category.  If you want to check out all the slow cooker meals on my site, click the recipe box at the top of the page.

5-10 Minute Prep 

Cook it all day

Ready to eat, minimal sides required

How often do you use your slow cooker to get dinner on the table?

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  1. My slow cooker is used quite regularly. I even bake in it. It has saved dinner more than once.

  2. Love this! I am going to be obsessed with my slow cooker this year since both the kids are doing after school activities and we will only have three nights for me to really pull something together in the evening. Thanks for all of these ideas and loving your graphic up there- too cute!!

  3. I’m a bit obsessed with crock pots. Seriously. My family is trying to find me a 12-step program. Coincidentally, I have 12 crock pots! 😛

    I just finished putting tonight’s dinner in my crock pot. During the school year, I use my crock pot sometimes 4 nights a week, with us eating the leftovers those other 3 nights. In case I haven’t said it yet – I LOVE MY CROCK POTS!!

  4. LINDA PAYNE says:


  5. I have a small Crock Pot; cooking for 1. Too hot for the oven to be on, but the Crock Pot handles that too.

    Easy to make chili with Boca Crumbles, crushed tomatoes, and a Ziplock pint bag of frozen pinto beans. Stir in frozen cooked pasta if you wish! Set up a Chili Bar with various toppings. A meal any 5th grader can put together after school. Add a fruit cup for a great meal.

    I cook 1/2 bag of dried beans in my little Crock Pot. No soaking needed. Freeze half of them for future meals. The pint Ziplock freezer bags are perfect for cooked pasta or rice. Freeze and you can expand quick meals. Just heat and serve.

  6. I don’t use my crockpot much in the summer because I am home more. (I’m a teacher) During the school year, it is another story! Just finished steak and potatoes in the crockpot tonight! My husband will take leftovers in his lunch tomorrow. What I like to do is put something in the crockpot while I am cooking a meal in the evening. It is usually finished by the time we go to bed so I slide it in the fridge. First one home warms it in the crockpot base, and we are having dinner within minutes!

  7. Love my crock pots….. some fantastic recipes from this blog to try!! Love the way you catagorized your recipes. Thanks for your good work!!!!!!!

  8. Tracy Setzler says:

    I love my crock pot and I’m so excited to find your site linked up at OrgJunkies Menu plan Monday. These recipes look amazing, but the one title Harvest Apple Pot Roast keeps taking me to the Garlic Chicken. Can’t wait to try some of these with our busy fall sports season coming up!

  9. We use ours about once a week. Can’t wait to add some of these new recipes to my repertoire. Thanks for the helpful catagories.

  10. I love to use slow cookers!! I have for years. I use mine in the summer and winter months. They come in handy 2 or 3 nights a week for me. I make a lot of soups and roast with potatoes and carrots in mine, Also love chicken and stuffing in it! There is lots of favorites and the food is so good and comforting. Love everything about it!!!


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