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I’ve spent several weeks rounding up the best recipes for your slow cooker in every category I could think of. We started with sandwiches and side dishes and moved on to Tex-Mex favorites and breakfast/brunch options. The variety of flavors you can achieve with slow cooking is absolutely amazing, moving way beyond soups, stews and chicken. Today, I’m adding some international flavor to our series with slow cooker recipes from around the world that I’m sure your family will enjoy.


Africa, India and the Middle East

  • This African Pulled Beef Sandwich is based on a sandwich served at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. And while it may not be as authentic as the one you would find in Africa, it’s  so flavorful you just might think you’re there!

Photo credit to Sharon of Plated with Style

  • There’s nothing like sitting down at the table and seeing something gorgeous like this Moroccan Chicken. It’s a delicious blend of sweet and nutty that Sharon of Plated with Style shared for those days when a few hours in Morocco sounds just perfect.
  • Tender beef cooked with mid-East flavors and stuffed in pocket bread could be none other than Beef Shwarma. It’s delightful made with chicken too and served with cucumber-yogurt sauce or the more traditional tahini sauce.

  • Chicken Curry is so quick and flavorful you’ll find yourself making it from memory, and making it often. The flavor profile of chicken, curry and coconut is distinctly Indian and you can adjust the spicy factor simply using mild or hot salsa.
  • If you’re looking for an easy healthy dinner with an Indian flair, then you’ll want to check out this Chickpea Curry (Vegetarian) from Steph at 52 Kitchen Adventures. As Steph says, “You’ll come home to a fragrant cloud of Indian spices”!

Photo creadit to Julie at Table for Two

  • Unlike other recipes for the same dish, this Chicken Tikka Masala from Julie at Table for Two allows you to dump all the ingredients in the slow cooker without a bunch of prep steps. And with its wonderful Indian flavor, it’s a win-win!


  • If you love the flavors from Asia, you won’t want to miss out on the 19 delcious and easy recipes in this Asian slow cooker Round Up that I shared last year!


  • This Italian Round Up that I shared last year has 20 recipes to satisfy any Italian-lovers palate. I dare you to try reading without a hint of hunger! Good luck with that one.
  • This recipe for Basque Tuna with Potatoes was adapted by Lydia of The Perfect Pantry from a recipe found in a cookbook titled “Slow Cooker Comfort Foods”. It really needs no other recommendation with a title like that. Enjoy!

Photo credits to Mel’s Kitchen

Photo credits to Kalyn’s Kitchen

  • Does it get more classic than Greek Rice with red peppers, feta and kalmata olives? I think not! Not only does Kalyn’s recipe, found at Kalyn’s Kitchen, sound delicious, it’s just plain beautiful. And even the rice is cooked in the slow cooker!
  • Greek Cauliflower Rice Bowls are a delightfully healthy option for those who want to stay away from rice for one reason or another. The taste of riced cauliflower is not identical to rice, but when you add the right seasonings it’s a wonderful option! Check out Kalyn’s recipe and let me know what you think.
  • If you love the flavor of gyros, but don’t usually pick up lamb on your grocery run, then you’ll want to try Kate’s Chicken Gyros from Kate’s Recipe Box.

Photo credits to Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

  • To borrow Mel’s words, “Slow Cooker + unique and flavorful spices + tender chicken + crunchy fresh veggies = a perfect weeknight meal”. That’s how she describes her Greek Chicken Pitas, and I would have to agree. Try them!

The Americas

  • Two weeks ago I shared an entire Tex-Mex Round Up with some of my favorite slow cooker recipes with a Southwestern Tex-Mex flair. It’s definitely worth a few minutes to check out the comfort foods with a kick in this collection.
  • My slow cooker Jambalaya recipe is a wonderful blend of Andouille sausage, rice and the classic jambalaya spices. An ultimate comfort food for those who like a touch of Cajun spice in their menu!

  • When you can cook up and freeze the meat filling for this tasty Cuban Sandwich then you always have a great dinner option just ready to go. These pressed sandwiches are even better because they travel well and we can all think of days when that it the perfect dinner option!

It’s really fun to see how creative you can be with your slow cooker. The possibilities stretch way past soups, stews, and chicken. I’m sure you can see how easily they stretch all the way around the globe!

I hope you enjoy your culinary world tour this week and join us next week for the sweetest of conclusions to our slow cooker series. It’s sure to be a treat for all!

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