George Foreman Grill Cooking


I don’t use my George Foreman grill very often, but it is handy for certain things.  I especially like using it for fish (more on that below).

The biggest advantage of this small appliance is that it cooks fast!

George Foreman grill food

Tips for Cooking on a George Foreman Grill

First, watch the cooking times closely.  The speedy cooking can lead to dry meat if you aren’t careful.  I use the info that came with the grill to guide how long to cook foods.  I also set the timer on my stove so that I don’t get busy and overcook the food.

The other big tip I have is to add sauces at the end of the cooking time.  Brushing meat with barbecue sauce before cooking causes the sauce to burn.  Not the taste I want.  Instead, I cook the meat and then add the sauce after taking it from the grill.

What to Cook on a George Foreman Grill  

1.  Fish

Fish Tacos with Chipotle Sour Cream Sauce

One of my favorite things to make on my grill is fish.  I usually use salmon or tilapia.  Only 5-6 minutes of cooking time makes this a quick meal.  Sprinkle the fish with lemon pepper or any seasoning you like before grilling.

Using a George Foreman grill is the quickest way to have Fish Tacos or Grilled Fish Sandwich with Homemade Tartar Sauce.

fish sandwich done

2.  Hamburgers

Using an indoor grill for hamburgers isn’t as good as grilling them outside, but it’s easy and it works for winter.  You can go for a classic burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, ketchup and mustard (mmmmm!).

But there are other ways to serve hamburgers.  Try serving them on a plate topped with onions.  I especially like Red Wine Onions with hamburgers.  Or try them topped with gravy, poor man’s steak style.

3.  Pork chops, chicken, steak

My mom swears that pork chops cooked on a George Foreman grill taste fantastic.  I’ve yet to try it myself.  But I do cook boneless chicken tenders on it sometimes.  I almost always have chicken tenders in the freezer and this is a fast way to prepare them.  Sprinkle on seasoning, grill and then dip in BBQ sauce.

4.  Sandwiches

Use the George Foreman like  a panini press.  I love the toasty bread and melty cheese of a panini.

You can also turn your grilled cheese sandwich into croutons for Homemade Tomato Soup.

homemade tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons


Choosing a George Foreman or other electric indoor grill

If you’ve already got one of these appliances in your kitchen, no need to buy another.  Just get it out and use it!

But if you think you’d like one, there a are a few to choose from.

I recommend getting a large size, especially if your family is large.  I usually need to do several batches of fish or burgers on mine, even though it’s a large grill.

I also recommend removable cooking plates.  This makes clean up a lot easier.

This is the grill I have, but mine is white.

I really like the looks of this Cuisinart Grill.  The plates are removable and reversible, so you can flip them to have a flat side.  The grill also opens up wide to make two grilling areas.  And you can buy waffle plates for it.  It’s on sale right now too, but this one is still an investment.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 8.00.55 AM


I’d love to know how you use your George Foreman or indoor grill.  Leave a comment to share.  And if you’re interested in seeing more recipes using this appliance, let me know that too!

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  1. I used my George Foreman this week to grill skirt steak for fajitas. I also cook hotdogs on it – really makes them taste so much better!

  2. I have a George Foreman that I use for brats and burgers. My problem is not being able to control the heat. mine is one of the bigger ones, but you plug it in, when it is ready to cook you put your food on and start the time. It really cooks to fast. To help compensate, I have cooked chicken breasts wrapped in foil for about 4 minutes. I wish I was able to turn the heat down.

    • I can’t control the heat on mine either. That would be a nice feature. Great idea to cook the meat wrapped in foil. I bet that helps keep it moist.

  3. I have used mine to grill veggies and they turned out yummy!!!!
    P.S. LOVE your website! Thanks for your hard work!!!!

  4. I had a George Foerman grill and used it so much the coating came off. We got a Cuisinart grill just like the one in the picture and hardly a week goes by that we haven’t used it. Mostly for paninis but I have flipped the grills and fried hamburgers. We got the waffle plates also with the gift but haven’t made waffles as of yet

  5. I love to cook my bacon on the GF grill. I usually cook whole package and refrigerate or freeze the extra. I also enjoy grilling squash. I slice it north pole to southpole

    • A friend told me not to try to cook bacon on it. I suspect she just left it too long. How long do you cook the bacon?

      • It takes longer than I expected…about 15-20 minutes I think. I use thick sliced bacon and keep a pretty close watch on it. I have a very old model, so I’m not sure how different the newer ones are.

        • Robert D Hutchinson says:

          I cook bacon on mine it only takes about 10 min. mine has a temp control on it. I put it on high. but you do need to check it after 5 min and cook it to how ever done you want it.

  6. I recently used mine to make ham and cheese paninis to serve along side potato soup. They were easy, quick and delish! I remarked, why don’t we do this more often? Truth is, out of sight, out of mind, my grill is stored under the sink and I just rarely think to use it. I would like to see more recipes from you for this appliance to encourage me to drag it out from under the sink!

  7. I use mine to make quesadillas. I butter one side of each tortilla and add whatever I like. I’ve also used it to make bacon and it comes out great. Less mess than on the stove. I’ve never tried fish or grilled vegetables, but I will now. Thanks for the hints. I would also like more recipes using this grill.

  8. Laura Clark says:

    I used my GF grill to make paninis with cinnamon raisin bread, pb, apple slices and pumpkin butter! Yummy!

  9. Monica Perkins says:

    No cooking times came with my George Forman grill, so I’ve never used it.

  10. You mentioned frozen chicken tenders. Do you put them on the grill frozen?

  11. Susan Cavanaugh says:

    I have a Cuisinart and use it regularly. Had a George Foreman – found it useless and it probably ended up in the trash as nobody wanted it. I use my grill for steak sandwiches; grill some sliced onions and mushrooms; set aside and keep warm. Grill steak seasoned with steak spice; when cooked, spread garlic butter on panini rolls or bagette. Layer on steak, onions, mushrooms, mozzarella. Put sandwich on grill and close top until cheese melts. Stuffed chicken breast: Cut a slit in boneless chicken breast, stuff with a mixture of caramelized onions, sun dried tomatoes and cheese. Grill until the chicken is cooked. I use it to grill veggies and meat for fajitas, waffles, grilled cheese sandwiches, paninis, french toast, bacon, fish, croque monsieur.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I always use mine to cook bacon. Just have to watch it. Cook burgers & hotdogs all the time.

  13. i like my GF grill…never thought to use it for panni’s…I DO use it for veggies…I used it last night for a skirt steak.. I had to split it in the middle though b/c outside cooked way faster than inside…but I DO like my grill

  14. Anonymous says:

    i do paninies and sliced hotdogs so far.

  15. GF is a great idea for guys that live on the road in hotels/motels for weeks-months at a time. Usually they have a refrigerator in te room and a microwave but the GF can give them home cooked meals easily! I am thinking it will be too hot for shrimp but I wanted to try it. Anyone ever do shrimp?

  16. I love to make grilled sandwiches on my G.F. I like to use Bays English muffins and flip them with the nooks/cranny side out and butter it lightly. I put some nice cheese at times even some herbs, tomato or a bit of meat with the cheese and smash it in. It make a great pannini type sandwich that is just the right size and great with a cup of soup!

  17. Stacy Swyers says:

    Love all these ideas. Im gonna have to dig my GF out.

  18. I just bought one of the new GF grills. It comes with the grilling plates, waffle plates, a deep baking plate and a muffin insert. So far I really like it although I have only had it about a week. But, I actually grilled corn on the cob with it (they were small ears) and I love the way my waffles came out. I have found though, that the bottom grill cooks hotter than the top so you have to watch out for that. I don’t think I am going to use my oven very much any more.

  19. I too found the GF to be useless, with no temperature control I found it took too long to make things. I got a Cuisinart and then an old style waffle/griddle thing from a thrift store that is probably from the 1970’s. They both have temp controls and work great for so many things you want to cook fast. Frozen onion rings is something odd I make on mine, just enough to add on top of a burger, since you can’t fix a lot at a time. Also I use and reuse nonstick foil sometimes to hold in the juices or have less mess to clean, or cover scratched nonstick coating,

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