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This Asian Pork Tenderloin recipe comes from Jen of 10 Minute Dinners.



Jen shares not just the recipe, but also ideas for making it a freezer crockpot meal.  And she’s got several ideas for repurposing the leftovers into brand new meals.

You’re going to want to give this Asian Pork Tenderloin a try.  And be sure to buy plenty of pork (stock up when it’s on sale) so you can make use of all the ideas Jen gives.

I especially like her idea of serving it with pineapple.  And for leftovers, it would be great on a sandwich with the pineapple, provolone or Swiss cheese and bbq sauce.  Serve it warm and I bet no one will be complaining of having leftovers for dinner!

Check out Jen’s recipe and her ideas for the repurposed leftovers.  Click here for the recipe.

We’re sharing 75 days of summer slow cooker meals.  This is day 24.  Keep your kitchen cool – don’t miss a single recipe.  Subscribe to the email list.


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