Introducing New Hershey’s Spreads!

hershey's spreads kit 1


I love chocolate, so I was very excited to hear that Hershey’s has come out with new spreads.  Spreadable chocolate? Count me in!

Hershey’s sent me a #SpreadPossibilities kit so that I could taste all of their new spreads.  They have three flavors – Chocolate with Almond, Chocolate with Hazelnut and Chocolate.  I couldn’t wait to dig in.

hershey's spreads kit 2


The kit came with quite a few things to pair with the Hershey’s Spreads.  I loved the salty pairings.  I’m a sucker for a good sweet/salty combo, especially when it involves chocolate.

We opened all three containers.  Even though the cute chalkboard they included had my name on it, I shared with Jim and the kids!  I had to hold them all back when the package came.  They were ready to dive in right away, but I wanted some photos first.

I’ll be sharing more on our favorite pairings soon, but we had a great time spreading graham crackers, oatmeal granola bars, dried fruit, pretzels, pita chips and more with Hershey’s Spreads.

hershey's spreads kit 3

My favorite is the chocolate.  If you love Hershey’s chocolate (and who doesn’t?), you will love this.  To me, it tastes like a spreadable version of a Hershey bar.  Amazing!

The Chocolate with Almond and Chocolate with Hazelnut are both delicious too, but I just love the pure chocolate flavor of the Chocolate spread.

I’m going to be doing three more posts for Hershey’s Spreads over the next month.  I’ll even have a giveaway for you later too.

Thumbprint cookies with Hershey's Spreads

And look for a recipe for these little cookies coming soon.  These pecan thumbprint cookies topped with Chocolate Hershey’s Spreads and a sprinkle of salt make fantastic Christmas cookies!  In fact, they were taken to a Christmas party over the weekend.  The plate came back empty.  I can’t wait to share the recipe with you!

Disclosure: I received a Hershey’s Spreads kit and have been compensated for my time.  All opinions are my own.

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