Bread Eggs

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bread egg cooking

Tired of cooking?

Grab a couple slices of bread and a few eggs.  Heat the skillet.  Add butter.  Pull the middles out of the bread and put it all in the hot skillet.  Crack the eggs into the holes. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Cook over medium heat until set.  Carefully flip the eggs, trying not to break the centers.  Cook for a few more minutes and put them on a plate.  Eat up!

My Grandma called these bread eggs.  I’ve seen them called Flying Saucers or UFOs.  Do you have a different name for them?

bread egg done

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  1. Egg in a window, and we make them all the time!

  2. Egg in a basket! I used to eat those for breakfast all the time.

  3. Our name for these is “Toad in the Hole”! This brings back childhood memories, I need to make some for my children.

  4. We call them bird’s in a basket, my kids love it when I do this. It is really good if you have some rye bread lying around.

  5. We call them bull’s eyes :)!

  6. Toad in the Hole is what I’ve heard them called… I was just thinking of making them the other day too!

  7. M.J. Jacobsen says:

    We call them Popeyes, I make them a lot, my hubby loves them!

  8. I love eggs in a hole.

  9. my mom called them egg in the basket, too!

  10. We called them “toad in a hole” growing up. I have a friend that calls them “hole in the walls”. They sure are yummy.

  11. We call them ‘Framed Eggs’ at our house 🙂

  12. Eggs in a Basket here! Our favorite breakfast place has them on the menu!

  13. I’m a nanny and the little girl I care for calls them “Dip Eggs”. She likes to tear off the bread and then dip it into the egg yolk.

  14. “Toad in a hole” is what we called em bac home! I make these every once in a while for my boys as tasty breaky treats 🙂 or when we have breaky for dinner 🙂

  15. These are also good using sliced french bread. I first saw these in the movie ‘Moonstruck’ with Cher & Nicholas Cage. They used french bread and also added a bit of roasted red pepper.

  16. You all have fantastic names for these! I was watching an old episode of Northern Exposure right after I wrote this post and they talked about bread eggs. They called them One Eyed Jacks. I think I like some of your names for them better.

    Diana, I do remember that scene in Moonstruck. Maybe we need to have Cher and Nicholas Cage cook some up for all of us so we can try their version!

  17. I love these, but never had a fun name for them. I think I will have to adopt some of these names and make them for dinner tonight!

  18. Toad in the hole, and we ate them for breakfast just the other day.

  19. We call them “Bird in a basket”…I love to make these!! My mom made them for us growing up too. I love your site, thanks for putting in the time to make it, it is a wonderful tool for families big and small!

  20. I saw this post yesterday and it took me back. We call them Egg in Toast. Boring name really… i like Toad in the Hole better! So, anyway, I made them for breakfast this morning and loved them – and wanted to say thanks for the reminder!! 🙂

  21. I totally forgot about these, my boys would love them!

  22. I used to love these as a kid and we called them “toad in a hole”. We even made up a song to sing when we wanted them as kids. 🙂

  23. we called them birds nests! yummy. I loved these as a child. I will make them for my boys this weekend.

  24. We call them “Egg in the middle.” Simple enough, right! The kids love them and we have them at least 3 days a week. 🙂

  25. sunshine eggs

  26. We call these Eggs in a basket… And I use Sourdough bread. SO Yummy!

  27. Shonda Mild says:

    I’ve made these alot in the past and called them “one-eyed pirates” – the kids love them and my husband says he had them growing up, but can’t remember what they called them!!!

  28. We call them eggs in a basket. They are a favorite of mine & my husband’s.

  29. I’ve seen these before on blogs but instead of tearing them out they use a shaped cookie cutter. Then you can use the shape in the name.

  30. WOW these always bring memories of being a child! My grandfather used to make them for me …love”egg in a hole”

  31. Eggs in a nest in my neck of the woods! It’s great comfort food, and easy too.

  32. Eggs in a basket!
    I know what we are having for breakfast:)

  33. We called them Eggs in a Nest. And even my egg hating 8 yr old self LOVED them. I’ll have to make them for my 3 yr old, but he’ll love them, too. 🙂

  34. At our house they are called “hole in one’s”.

  35. eggs in a basket is my fave breakfast i learned how to make it last yr after i had it at cracker barrel.

  36. one eyed monsters

  37. chicken in the basket is what my granny called them! she used a biscuit cutter to cut out the circle in the middle 🙂

  38. egg in a hole

  39. My mom called these Egg in the Holes

  40. Leslie Geringer says:

    I read where you asked if they were called something else..My sister in Alaska calls them “midnight suns” Might just be her word, not sure. But Ive heard lots of other names for it that I cannot remember.

  41. This sounds so good. I cant wait to cook this for breakfast.

  42. Stargazer says:

    “Toad in a Hole, Egg-in-a-hole”.

  43. My mother in law called them Peek-a-Boo eggs

  44. One Eyed Pirates!

  45. Boy scout Eggs!

  46. We call them “granny eggs” I searched for a long time under this name on line to show my friends what they were, only to find that they were never called granny eggs:(

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