What to do with leftover Ham


Easter is just around the corner. That means many of us are thinking about all those delicious things we’ll be cooking and eating for Easter Dinner. But after Easter is over, if you are lucky you’ll have the awesome bonus of some delightful leftovers. If you are really lucky (or get a great deal at the store on extra!) you’ll have a nice little stash of leftover ham. I love leftover meats because it jumpstarts my meal planning and makes prep so much easier on super-busy days.

Turkey and Chicken aren’t the only meats that you can turn leftovers into lots of wonderful meals with! There are dozens of ways to take that bit of extra ham and turn it into meals your family will love–and ask for more of!

In this post you’ll find 14 of our family favorites. These are almost all super easy to make. Some of them take just 15 minutes from prep to setting it on the table. Others are true comfort foods, and all of them are absolutely delicious.

14 Ways to Use Leftover Ham

1. Ham and Pineapple Fried Rice

2. Ham Asparagus Swiss Quiche

3. Sausage Ham Cheese Quiche

4. Western Omelette Casserole

5. Ham and Bean Soup

6. Quick Ham and Pineapple over couscous

7. Ham and Swiss Scalloped Potatoes

8. Ham and Vegetable Soup

9. Potatoes and Ham

10. Ham Broccoli and Cheddar Soup

11. Scrambled Egg-wiches

12. Red Beans and Rice with Ham

13. Ham Potato Chowder

14. Breakfast Casserole

I’d be thrilled if you took a moment and dropped me a comment telling me what you do with your holiday ham leftovers!

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  1. Our family likes that Western omelette casserole.

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