It’s Time! More Details about the Eat at Home Tonight Cookbook!


Available for orders now!

My cookbook, Eat at Home Tonight is available for pre-order now and we’re just three weeks away from the launch date of August 7!

I’m so excited to get this book into your hands and your kitchen! The feedback from early readers who are cooking with the Advanced Reader Copies has been so encouraging.  I’ve heard about a husband who asked his wife to make Skillet Chicken Pot Pie with a Drop Biscuit Crust for the 5th time!

I also heard about a six-year-old girl who decided to make dinner. She grabbled Eat at Home Tonight, turned to the recipe for Eggs Run Through the Garden and started pulling ingredients out based on the photo. Her mom pitched in to help and together they made a dinner to be proud of!

Reasons to pre-order:

It’s like a gift to your future self!

Pre-order now and Eat at Home Tonight will be delivered to your mailbox on August 7.  I love getting books in the mail like this!

Cook through the book with me – Eat at Home Tonight Challenge

I’ll have more details to share with you about this soon, but I’ll be hosting a challenge so we can all get back in the habit of eating at home.  Our goal will be to eat at home for at least six nights during Aug. 8-14.

We’ll be cooking recipes from Eat at Home Tonight – I’ve even put together a free meal plan and grocery list for you using recipes from the book!

We’ll have a private Facebook group, there will be giveaways galore and lots of Facebook Lives where we can cook together.

Pre-ordering the book now means you’ll be all set once the challenge starts.

The number of pre-orders for a book affects how many copies get printed.

More pre-orders mean more books printed, which means sellers won’t run out of stock.

Pre-orders make a difference in determining where the book will be sold.

The chances of getting Eat at Home Tonight into more brick-and-mortar stores goes up with every pre-order.  In fact, it’s already set to be in several stores because of the pre-orders that have come in so far.

Early orders create buzz and boost a book’s chance at hitting best-seller lists.

All those pre-orders count toward the first week of sales and those sales stats are an important part of reaching best-seller status. (It’s okay to dream a little! 😉 )

I wrote this book for you!

Eat at Home Tonight will help you solve all kinds of dinner woes. Take a look at the list of chapter titles on the back of the book:

  • I only have 15 minutes tonight
  • My refrigerator is empty tonight
  • Everyone’s on a different schedule tonight
  • I’m out of the house and won’t have time to cook tonight
  • I don’t have time for dishes tonight
  • I want to cook for tonight and tomorrow night
  • I have a bit more time tonight
  • We can’t sit down for a meal tonight
  • I want to make something extra tonight
  • I have a sweet tooth tonight

No matter what your dinner dilemma is, you can turn to a chapter in this book and find a recipe that will help you get a great meal on the table!


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