Funny Kitchen Flop

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apple banana eatenI found this picture on my camera one day.  My daughter and husband had been making fun of my habit of taking food photos.  Funny, aren’t they. 

I hesitate to tell you this kitchen flop, because you will know what a strange sense of humor my family has.  Of course, you can see a bit of that in this picture.  Hang with me for a minute.  I think I might be about to embarrass myself.  Or at least my family.

First you need to hear this story:

A 3 year old girl was sitting next to her mom in church one day.  The pastor prayed in a baritone voice, “Oh Father, we are but dust…” The little girl tugged on her mom’s sleeve and whispered as only a 3 year old can, in a voice loud enough for the whole congregation to hear, “Mommy, what’s butt dust?”

So, the other night I was trying to make a new recipe for Picnic Bars.  It called to mix the dry ingredients and cut the butter into it.  Save some back for a topping and press the rest into the pan.  Well, I followed those direction, but it was just dust.  There was no way it would press into a pan.  I grabbed some more butter and mixed it in, all the time wondering out loud what was wrong with the recipe and why it was just dust.

About this time, my oldest daughter walked in and quoted, “Oh Father, we are but dust”.  Someone else in the house, remembering the punch line to that joke picked it up and said I was making Butt Dust Brownies.

I finally figured out what was wrong with the Butt Dust Brownies.  I’d left out the 2 eggs.  It didn’t keep us from eating them though.

Have you had any kitchen flops lately?  Share with me.

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  1. This wasn’t a recent flop, but one from my childhood. My big sister & I were making brownies, I was about 10. We accidentally left the eggs out of the brownies. They were flat and hard as a rock. But like you said, it didn’t keep us from eating them!!

    Love the Butt Dust Brownies! Sounds like jokes our family would have too! have a great weekend 🙂

  2. I have to tell about one of my husband’s kitchen flops that turned into a party. He was making spaghetti sauce from scratch. I know what you are thinking but this is a true story.He put in 2 tablespoons of salt instead of 2 teaspoons. To correct that he bought more of everything and made a huge batch that we could never finish. We called our friends and asked them over to help us with “a problem.” They thought we were having some sort of marital problem, but instead we had a spaghetti dinner. One other short story that happened years ago to a neighbor. His son accidently left the freezer door cracked open. The meat thawed and so rather than throw it all out they had a cookout and invited the neighborhood. Everyone brought a dish and we had a great evening. Butt dust moments are not all bad.

    • Sandy, that’s funny! Mom says she thinks she went to that party 😉 And you’re right – butt dust moments aren’t all bad.

  3. So cute, love your story. I’ve had many flops too, one time as a kid I was making fudge and dropped the spoon with the hot butter and sugar on my second toe. I couldn’t go swimming all summer because of the severe burn, and now its still a little brown.

  4. I was making zucchini bread with a friend over Labor Day weekend. First batch came out great, second batch is cooking while we munched on the first… Second batch comes out much smaller, lighter, and lumpy looking. I eventually got up the guts to taste it just to realize that we’d forgotten the sugar. Good thing we had more zucchini for a third batch 🙂

  5. One morning I set up my slow cooker with chicken and lemon, went out and came back to a disgusting concoction. Ugh! Don’t include the lemon skins in your chicken and lemon casserole – I had sliced the lemons and put the whole things in with all the skin on. To say this was bitter would be an understatement, it’s the least edible thing I’ve ever made.

    Thanks for the butt dust laugh!


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