Cowboy Casserole – 100 Days of Summer Slow Cooker Recipes


Woah, there. Stop in and take a trip to Cowboy country with this slow cooker one pot meal!



Beans, Beef, Potatoes, Cheese. Seriously, with ingredients like that, Cowboy Casserole is not the kind of recipe that leaves you any leftovers.  It’s is so easy to make, and so hearty that you can consider it a one pot meal if you like! I love that there’s a vegetarian version included for those who avoid meat. And that both of them take just a couple minutes to toss together. Definitely a great recipe to add to your menu this week.

Click here to get the recipe!

100 Days of Summer Slow Cooker Recipes

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  1. I made this a couple of days ago, but baked it in the oven. I think adding a jalapeno pepper would be good. It was really tasty as is though. It would be a good Disney dish.

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