Cinco de Mayo Dinner Ideas and $200 Ebates giveaway for May!

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Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, which is a great reason to eat Mexican (or Mexican inspired) food.   In case you’re looking for ideas, here’s a post I wrote last year that has links to 43 Enchilada, Taco and Burrito Recipes from around the web.  Lots of good stuff there!

There’s a lot more to love about the month of May than just Cinco de Mayo!  Graduations, weddings, vacations, last day of school…

Share the reason you love the month of May in the Ebates Savvy Living Community and you’ll be entered to win $200!


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  1. Debbie K says:

    May= warmer weather, longer days, more sunshine. It’s all good!

  2. Rebecca A says:

    May means the end of school and a couple of months of lazing around and sleeping late!

  3. Andrea Watts says:

    It’s my daughters birthday

  4. Maria W says:

    The month of May is my favorite month and the date of my wedding is May 22. My husband and I are married 41 years this month!! Since I’m a mother of 5 and grandmother of 5, May is a special month to celebrate with Mother’s Day in there, too!!!

  5. May–Mother’s Day! What a gift to be and have a mother : )

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