Challenge Day 2!


It’s Eat at Home Challenge Day 2 and what fun we’re already having! Yesterday we kicked it off by making Cheese Ravioli with Summer Garden Vegetables. And today I made Italian Tomato Soup with Pizza Grilled Cheese Croutons.

Challenge Day 2 on Facebook Live!

If you missed Facebook Live this morning, you can always catch the replays on the Eat at Home Facebook page. Y’all this one is amazing. My own kids were “placing orders” before we started live.

And one of our followers said her kids told her I was making them hungry! Sorry kids! But, it’s easy enough that, with a bit of adult supervision, the kids could probably make this for dinner tonight. Win-win!!

Speaking of what’s for dinner tonight

I would love to have you join us for the Eat at Home Challenge as we commit (aka. do our level best) to eat at home 6 of the 7 days between now and Tuesday, August 14.

Why would I do that?

  1. Because it’s a great way to kick off healthier eating habits as we face a new school year.
  2. Because we’re all doing it together, and together is always more fun! Especially when we get ideas and encouragement for other “Challengers” in our private Facebook group. To join the private Facebook group, just follow the instructions you’ll receive when you join The Challenge. And you definitely want to join the Facebook group because …
  3. Because we’re giving away awesome prizes every single day of the challenge. Yesterday it was an 8-inch chef’s knife and cutting board and today, it’s a Lodge 6 Qt Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven. It’s kind of like the one I used on Facebook Live, except even nicer!

prize dutch oven

Where do I get the recipes?

That’s part of what’s great about this challenge, you can use whatever recipes work well for your family! There’s no requirement as to which recipes, it’s about cooking and eating at home.

I will be using recipes from the Eat at Home Tonight Cookbook because that’s the whole reason for our party! If you haven’t picked yours up yet, you can find them at several brick & mortar stores or any of these online sites: Amazon, WalMart, Barnes & Noble, and Target. At under $20, you’ll get your money’s worth out of your cookbook, simply by eating home one night, and we all know that’s a great deal.

Go ahead and join The Challenge and cook along with us, and get on the Facebook group to be eligible for the daily prizes. And if you’re planning on picking up Eat at Home Tonight, it looks like several of the online retailers have a lower price today.

See y’all tomorrow on Facebook Live at 11 am EST for Tacos al Pastor. It’s one of those super quick to assemble slow cooker recipes from the “I’m out of the house all day and won’t have time to cook” chapter.

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