Almond Chicken Lettuce Wraps — 30 Days of Whole Food Summer Slow Cooker Recipes


This right here? It’s the perfect meal for the too-hot-to-handle mid summer days. Fresh, light, and flavorful. MMM!




I think lettuce wraps are an awesome invention. I love food that starts out with simple ingredients and turns into something super flavorful and delicious that I crave and enjoy over and over again. Lettuce wraps are one of those kinds of food. You start out with “ordinary” lettuce–something that can get boring all on it’s own. And you fill it with goodies and create your own personal masterpiece on a plate. I love that!

Besides the obvious fact that this is a great way to get more veggies into your diet, lettuce wraps are a great healthy option. If you need to avoid grains, these are going to be one of your favorite go-to ways to get some of the flavors and flexibility you love back into your life.

You can tweak them however you like, much like a taco. You can eat them wherever you like, much like a sandwich. It’s just the perfect thing for summer picnics or lunches at work.

This recipe is for almond chicken. There’s almond in the ingredients you cook with the chicken, and it gives it a really delicious flavor! You could top it with almonds to carry on the almond theme if you wanted to, or go with cashews as the original recipe suggests.

Click here for the ingredients and instructions.

30 Days of Whole Food and Garden Fresh Summer Slow Cooker Recipes


Looking for easy, healthy meals you can make in your slow cooker? We’re sharing 30 Summer Slow Cooker Recipes that use Whole Foods and garden fresh produce this month! Click here to find all the recipes in the series.  Would you like a menu of slow cooker meals, along with a color-coded grocery list all done for you?  Find your perfect Eat at Home Weekly Meal Plan here.

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