Sweet and Sour Pulled Chicken Sandwiches



There are days, when believe it or not, I just want to have a sandwich of some sort for dinner. Sandwiches are easy, but you can do so many different things with them that I think it’s hard to get tired of them. Plus, they are just so good! This is a recipe for pulled chicken. We’ve done pulled beef and pulled pork recipes, but if you prefer chicken this is a great recipe for you. It freezes well which means you can make it ahead to stock your freezer for back to school meals. And as always, because it’s in the slow cooker, it is also incredibly easy to make.

Click here to get this recipe and the instructions. 


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  1. Laura Strohm says:

    Yes, these were good although I was a little worried. The broth that did not evaporate so the chicken I thought was going to be soupy. I took the crock pot lid off to evaporate off the juice and in the end they turned out great. There was not much left in the crock pot. However I did not use sherry but white wine. I thought the flavor was not quite sweet and sour enough for my taste. But overall I would make this again.
    Thanks, I enjoy your recipes.

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