10 Cures for the Common Sandwich

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We love sandwiches at our house for lunch or dinner.  But sometimes we get in a rut, plunking the same kind of meat and cheese between the same old bread, slathered with the same drab spread.

Here are some ways to pull your sandwich from the brink of boring: 

1.  Change up the bread

Try tortillas (spinach or other flavors), pita bread, bagels, thins, rolls, buns, flatbread…

2.  Add veggies

In addition to lettuce and tomato try avocado, red and/or green peppers, shredded carrots or broccoli, spinach…

3.  Add red onion

Red onion can perk a sandwich up all by itself.  A little bit adds a lot of flavor.

4.  Add sprouts

Sprouts add flavor, crunch and a good does of health too.

5.  Add pickled things

Banana peppers, roasted red peppers, dill pickles, sweet pickles bring interesting taste and color to sandwiches.

6.  Skip the bread

Wrap the whole sandwich in a slice of cheese or in a lettuce leaf.

7.  Season it

Sprinkle on salt and pepper, Cajun seasoning, ground red pepper, garlic powder, seasoned salt…

8.  Try a different spread

Slather on the honey mustard, chipotle mayo, or other interesting spread.  Or sprinkle the sandwich with oil and vinegar.

9.  Change up the cheese

Try muenster, provolone, pepper jack, cream cheese (lots of flavors to choose from), cheddar, Swiss…

10.  Heat it

Broil the whole sandwich, toast it on a griddle, toast the bread only, zap it in the microwave…

You can also change up the way you wrap a sandwich when packing.  Baggies aren’t the only possibility.  Try wrapping in foil or waxed paper instead.

Or try a reuseable sandwich bag, like these from Etsy.  Click the photos to visit the Etsy stores.

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  1. Brian Sly-Haley says:

    Great list of ways to overcome sandwich boredom. One other suggestion for the list would be to change up the filling. Maybe use mashed chickpeas instead of tuna or add some chopped, cooked shrimp to a chicken salad spread to keeps things interesting.

  2. Great idea for your post and thanks for the helpful tips! #5 is my fave…I love all things pickled. Cute and sustainable sandwich bags, too!

  3. I love changing our everyday sandwiches up. Banana peppers are my go to right now. I love them on everything!

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