BBQ Ham Steak on the Grill

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bbq ham done

In the quest for a quick summer meal, I don’t think you can do better than ham steak on the grill.  It doesn’t heat up the kitchen, there are very few dishes to wash and it’s quick.  You can even throw it on the grill frozen, which is great if you fail to plan ahead to thaw it out.

Here are the two ingredients you’ll need:

bbq ham frozen

  • 1 ham steak
  • bbq sauce of your choice

I cooked the ham on low for about 15-20 minutes.  Baste with barbecue sauce toward the end of cooking.  Simple.

What kind of meat do you cook most often on the grill?

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  1. Yum! Ham is my kids favorite meat! This sounds awesome, thanks!

  2. I forwarded this post to my hubby’s computer and said let’s do ham like this on the grill this week. Thanks for the good idea. We usually cook hamburgers more than anything but we do chicken and other things and veggies too.

  3. How can you have ham steaks without grilled pineapple rings (straight from the can – minimal extra effort)? Can’t wait for summer here in Australia to have these again (just seems wrong iun winter!).

  4. Never thought of adding bbq sauce to ham, but I’ll bet it totally works. We usually grill beef, in fact just figured out that a nearby hispanic grocery store will take whatever meat you buy and put it in some yummy marinade for free! So that’s what we’re having tonight 🙂

  5. we usually do beef, lamb or sasuages on the grill. Once in a while I will grill salmon but this looks great! can’t wait to try this as it would be fast and simple to prepare. TFS!

  6. This is an interesting take on ham. I love cooking ham, I love it when I get that sweetness kick into perfection. Not blatantly sweet, but sweet, 🙂
    I think grilling ham is a good idea. I’m excited to find out how the barbecue sauce will go with my ham. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  7. Virginia says:

    Ham steaks are a new thing to me, but they look DELICIOUS. Where do you buy them? Do you have the butcher cut them for you? Or are they just in the meat section at the grocery store?

    • Virginia, you can buy ham steaks in most grocery stores. Sometimes they are boneless and sometimes they have bones. They are just thick slices of ham and may be called a ham slice instead of steak. Mine came from my niece’s 4-H project 😉 but I have bought them in the stores before too.


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