Stocking Your Freezer with Grilled Chicken and Using it for BBQ Chicken Fajitas

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When we went to Gatlinburg with family a few weeks ago, we took turns preparing a meal for everyone.  I decided to bring BBQ Chicken Fajitas, but I wanted to do most of the cooking at home.  I ran across this post on $5 Dinners, where Erin talks about batch cooking on the grill.  This method made it possible for me to take dinner for 16 people and have it prepared quickly and with very little effort.

I’ll let you read the post on $5 Dinners to get the details on batch cooking grilled chicken.  Erin used a simple marinade on her chicken, which sounds good, but I skipped it and just used bbq sauce.  For fajitas for 16, I grilled 2 bags of boneless chicken breasts.  I basted them with barbecue sauce and then sliced them thin and froze them.

They can be reheated in the microwave or in a pan tightly covered with foil in the oven.  I used the oven method because of the large amount of chicken and the smallness of the microwave at the chalet.

bbq chicken fajitas

We did have quite a bit of chicken left over, in case you’re wondering how much 16 people will eat.  One and a half bags of chicken breasts would have been plenty.  I sliced the green peppers and onions at home and cooked them at the chalet.  Two green peppers and 1 large onion would have been enough for this crew.  Most of them skipped the veggies on their fajitas.  I also served Hash Brown Casserole and Hawaiian Cole Slaw with the fajitas.

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  1. Great suggestion! We’re going on a group vacation soon, and I needed an idea for something to cook. Thanks!

  2. Yummmmmm! That looks so good! Enjoy the blogging summit! 🙂

  3. She has some great tips! I love batch cooking and preparing, it makes things so much easier! Thanks!

  4. That looks yummy! I never would have thought of bbq fajitas. Thank you. My favorite recipe of yours is by far Vietnam Stir Fry.

  5. Mmm, sounds delicious. I think this is what I’ll have for supper tonight.


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