Ingredient Spotlight: Bell Peppers

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When I was young, my relatives called a green pepper “mango”.  Anyone else ever heard that name for green pepper?

We’ve actually got some green peppers growing in our garden that look like they are going to produce this year.   That will be a first.  We’ve tried them several times, but they just don’t do well.  Hopefully, this year will be different.

But until our garden peppers are ready, I buy them at the store.  I love adding sweet peppers to recipes.  They make everything taste better and look pretty too.

Here are a few of my recipes that use bell peppers: 

Now it’s your turn.   Link up your recipes using bell peppers.  It doesn’t have to be a recent post, just be sure to link directly to your recipe, not just the main page of your blog.  I only ask that you include a link back to Eat at Home in your post.  You can link directly to this post or use the button in the sidebar.

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  1. I love bell peppers. I use them raw, diced and thrown in salads. They are wonderful roasted as well. 🙂 Thanks for the link up! Your button is on my sidebar.

  2. Growing up in Southern Illinois we called the peppers mangos also. When we moved to Texas I became very confused at the real mango in the grocery store!! I thought we were the only family that did this!

  3. Yes, when I was growing up in central PA, a lot of people referred to green peppers as mangoes! I had completely forgotten that!

  4. Peppers also freeze really well if you dice or strip them beforehand, lay them on cookie sheets to flash freeze in the freezer for an hour or so and then bag them up. I do this often and I never have to throw away an expensive ingredient.

  5. Shreela says:

    I’ve never heard anyone calling green peppers mangoes, but probably because I live south enough that mangoes are easily found in our grocery stores, and some even grow their own (I prefer the papaya tree – it looks like Lacy Tree Philodendrons, only taller).

    I don’t like green peppers that much; I picked them off my pizza, and only ate the stuffing when my mother made stuffed peppers. But the first time I tried a red or yellow pepper, WOW! Loved them! But the yellow and red peppers waxy-like skin seems even thicker than green peppers, so I try removing as much waxy skin as possible by roasting them until it’s blackened. I’m going shopping later, so now I’ll be buying peppers (my yellow pepper plant is puny, stupid Walmart potting soil!)

  6. oh, how I love bell peppers!! Our favorite variety includes the deep purple peppers — we’re trying to grow some in our garden this year, but keeping the deer away from them makes for a fun adventure.

  7. There is love/hate relationship here. I do not like green peppers, but do like red peppers and sometimes eat the orange and yellow one, too. Since discovering that I do like red peppers, I put them in almost anything. I bring you Bacon and Corn Scramble. Bacon, garlic, onion, red pepper, celery, and corn all scrambled together into a tasty side dish. You can use other veggies, too. Take a look. I didn’t know there were deep purple peppers. I will have to keep my eyes out for them. I, too, freeze peppers. I just chop them up, put in a plastic bag and freeze. I then just toss them into cooked dishes like soup, etc. Thanks, Tiffany, for another great link up.

  8. We’ve had green peppers producing in our garden this year like crazy. I think I am going to have to start freezing them. I hope yours produce. They are amazing straight off the vine!

  9. I grew up in northern Indiana and my family always called green peppers mangoes. Back then we never had real mangoes in a store. Too tropical.

  10. Taja Reyul says:

    The only time I have heard bell peppers referred to as mangoes was when I lived in Cincinnati. I think I may have seen a roadside stand in Northern Kentucky with a sign advertising mangoes as well.

  11. OldNuffToKnoBtr says:

    Here in SW Ohio they were called mangos. I do not know why.

  12. Thanks for another great spotlight ingredient. I love capsicums (as they are called here in Australia) and love finding new recipes to use them.

  13. Thank you for hosting.
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