Warm Cinnamon Apple Sauce with Toasted Marshmallows

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Don’t you just love a dish that tastes amazingly delicious, but is super simple?  Toasted marshmallows don’t have to be eaten only at bonfires.  They pair up wonderfully with cinnamon apple sauce.

Warm Cinnamon Applesauce with Toasted Marshmallows

The ingredients are simple: just a jar of cinnamon apple sauce and a handful of mini marshmallows.

apple sauce with marshmallows ingr

Pour the apple sauce into a small baking dish.  If your apple sauce doesn’t have cinnamon, just stir some in.

If you have other things in the oven, go ahead and pop it in to heat for a while, then pull the apple sauce out of the oven and sprinkle with marshmallows.  Put it back under the broiler for a minute to toast the marshmallows.

Or you can sprinkle the marshmallows of the apple sauce before you heat it.  Put it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15-20 minutes.  The marshmallows will toast slowly as the apple sauce heats.

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  1. Simple and looks amazingly delicious!

  2. Looks good… except marshmallows have some really yucky stuff in them – horse and pig to be exact. But the applesauce sounds delicious, especially with cinnamon in it.

    • Miss Rachel, marshmallows do have gelatin in them which is usually made from pigs. It is possible to find vegan marshmallows, but you may have to order online and they aren’t cheap. I’m not bothered by gelatin, but I know that many people avoid eating it for health or religious reasons.

  3. what a great idea! Maybe my kids will eat the homemade apple sauce I canned this way!


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