Family Memories and Popcorn – and a Popcorn Giveaway

Flipping through family photos and munching popcorn together is almost as much fun as creating the memories.

Recently, I was contacted by KODAK Gallery asking if I would try out their new SMARTFIT technology for creating photobooks.

My first thought was to create a cookbook of family favorites.  I wasn’t able to figure out how to use SMARTFIT to insert that much text though, so I went with the traditional family photo book.

I uploaded the folder of pictures from our latest Disney trip – a very quick process.  SMARTFIT automatically sizes and inserts the photos in the book in the order the photos were taken.  It’s easy to change things by dragging the photos to where you would like them.  The whole process was much easier than other photo books I’ve created.

I’m so pleased with the final product.  We’ve had a great time thumbing through it together and of course, we need snacks to go along with the fun – enter Orville Redenbacher’s!

Orville Redenbacher’s sent me 2 boxes of their microwave popcorn to enjoy.  Of course, we love the butter flavor, but the Lime and Salt flavor was new to us.  It has just a hint of lime and is a change of pace from regular popcorn.

I actually served both flavors as a side dish with our BBQ Chicken Sandwiches (recipe coming soon).

I’m not suggesting you make a habit of popcorn with dinner, but at this time of year it is nice to have a healthy snack to munch in the midst of all the cookies and fudge.

Orville Redenbacher’s would like to send 1 reader a variety of popcorns, mix-ins and a few recipes.

To enter, just leave a comment telling your favorite popcorn flavor or your favorite way to pop it (microwave, stove top etc).

Contest ends Monday night.

Disclaimer: KODAK Gallery sent me $50 to try out and review their SMARTFIT technology for creating photo books. Orville Redenbacher’s sent me two boxes of popcorn to review and is also providing the giveaway prize.  KODAK and Orville Redenbacher’s are not affiliated with one another (as far as I know).  I just thought they made a natural pair for this post.

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  1. Since I have a bit (!) of a sweet tooth, I like kettle corn. The 100 calorie microwave bags make a nice treat. We also pop plain kernels in one of those microwave bowls. It makes for a nice, quick after school snack. Our new favorite, though, is popping corn over the fire when we use the firepit. Fabulous flavor! Honestly, Orville Redenbacher is usually the brand we choose.

    Thanks a bunch Tiffany!

  2. Movie Theater Butter is my favorite, and I take the easy way out and microwave it, of course.

  3. Truthfully, I prefer air-popped, for it’s healthier qualities. Plus, it actually tastes like corn!

    However, I’m no popcorn snob, and I do enjoy microwave popcorn. I love kettle corn. Don’t really care for any of the butter versions, though. I know, I’m weird like that.

    I’m really dying to try the salt & lime flavor you mentioned! Lime-flavored tortilla chips are my favorite!

  4. I love buttery popcorn… yum!

  5. Butter Lovers in the microwave is my FAVORITE.

  6. My favorite is cheddar cheese popcorn. Yummo!

  7. Shelly Johnson says:

    My favorite popcorn is always caramel. I like to just BUY it–saves a lot of trouble and stickiness!

  8. I love Kettel Corn! Yum Yum!

  9. Dawn Farias says:

    This sounds like a fun giveaway, thanks!

    I like to cook popcorn on the stove top and flavor it with butter, freshly grated Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. I also like to make a kettle corn variety with sugar added to the cooking oil and a bit heavy on the salt, but no one else in my house likes it that way.

  10. I love the hint of lime, but I haven’t been able to find it since our local Walmart stopped carrying it.

  11. I like stove-top popcorn better flavor-wise, but microwave popcorn is so much easier and quicker. I like to mix sweet and salty flavors in to.

  12. have to say that kettle corn is my fave! We just pop it in the microwave, so easy and so fast, unless the hubs burns it. 🙂
    Yummers! 😀

  13. carmel corn made in the microwave is the bomb!

  14. How fun! My favorite is kettle corn.

  15. Kettle Corn is my favorite followed by a close second of Cheddar. Love making it in the microwave – quick, easy and it makes the whole house smell tantalizing!

    (A limited-season special cinnamon – like caramel corn – for the holidays, would be fantastic.)

  16. Kettle corn is my delicious favorite because it is salty and sweet!

  17. I LOVE cheese popcorn but rarely have it. We usually microwave our popcorn but once in awhile do it on the stove. We have a clear lid and the kids love to watch it pop through the lid! Great giveaway, thanks!

  18. I come from a long line of popcorn lovers. I have a dutch oven dedicated to popcorn only which travels with us on vacation as well. A family tradition that will probably die with me is eating popcorn with milk. I usually fill a tall glass before I start popping (on top of the stove with canola oil and popcorn salt added after popping) then put one handful in at a time, eat it like cereal with a spoon then put in a new handful. I doesn’t sound very appealing to anyone I’ve described it to but I love it!

  19. I always take the easy way out and microwave it. We are BIG popcorn fans in this house and love all the buttery varieties. Oh and carmel corn too!

  20. I love kettle corn.

  21. We’re microwave poppers all the way! I generally like it just lightly salted, but did have an interesting popcorn experience when I ate it after making pico de gallo for the first time. Although I had washed my hands, the oils from the peppers were still on my fingers and made it onto each bite of popcorn. Quite a surprise for my tastebuds!

    My niece likes to put a few drops of Tabasco or Texas Pete’s into the bag after popping — a little shake, and it’s wake up mouth!

  22. We love our Whirly popper for the stove top for regular popcorn, but I love the Kettle corn for the microwave too.

  23. i like the microwave kettle corn & butter flavors the best!!

  24. I really like to stove pop it, but this time of year I usually buy butter flavored microwave popcorn b/c there is so much to do and so little time to do it in!! My children love being able to fix the snack themselves too!

  25. Melissa Barnes says:

    i love butter popcorn and i love to pop it on the stovetop but we usually get the microwave kind

  26. OMG!!! I love Popcorn! Seriously I have been addicted to it ever since I was a little girl. It is my favorite indulgence! ( except for White Cakes with creamy delicious frosting)

    I say the more butter the better. I normally only buy Orville or Pop Secret and I adore Kettle Corn flavors microwaving kinds. But the movie theater butter popcorn is normally my go to fix because I never get actual movie theater popcorn because of how expensive it is. And now that I’m training to run a marathon, this is the only indulgence I will really allow myself to have right now. So please pick me so I can take pleasure in the butter and not worry about the fat calories, lol!

  27. We love popcorn in our house! Our favorite way is……anyway we can get it! It’s all yummy, yummy, yummy!

  28. I love cheese popcorn. Like the kind in the tin’s at Christams.

  29. My personal favorite is made on the stove, with salt and just a little sugar on it!

  30. I’m in looooooooooove with the Lime and Salt popcorn ~ it had me at the first bite when I opened the bag and tasted it I was madly, crazy, insanely in love with it. I tell absolutely everyone about it!!! I wished they sold it in the 10 pack but here it only comes in a 4 pack! We are getting ready to watch Toystory and we are all out of Lime and Salt popcorn so we are going to have to rough it with Movie THeater Popcorn ~ butter, butter, butter, can’t do wrong. My daughter is a big fan of Kettle Corn ~ we love it all at our house!!!

  31. Staci Jones says:

    I love white chocolate popcorn. Pretty fattening, but so good at the holidays!

  32. M.J. Jacobsen says:

    Popcorn has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid, and believe me, that was a LONG time ago! I like to make it on the stove, the old fashioned way. But any kind will do, i just love it!

  33. MamaFeelgood says:

    Microwave Kettle corn popcorn

  34. We end up doing microwave popcorn the most although I would love one of the stovetop cookers some day! We love movie night with popcorn (with extra melted butter oh yeah!) but we also have it as a quick snack and one of my kids loves the mini bags tucked in as a school snack(already microwaved so its all popped of course)

  35. I love popcorn cooked in my whirly pop. But I also just love all kinds of popcorn.

  36. I like microwave popcorn topped with black pepper and parmesan cheese!

  37. My husband and I LOVE popcorn at our house and have it almost every night. I use a microwave popper and then real butter with a little salt. I do have a yummy recipe that uses a package of microwave popcorn.

  38. My favorite popcorn is Kettle Corn
    thanks for the giveaway

  39. probably ranch

  40. Jane Montford says:

    I love just plain old butter and salt on my popcorn. We have a microwave popcorn cooker and make it the semi-old fashioned way!

  41. My husband make the best “sugar popcorn” on the stove. Tastes alot like kettle corn.

  42. We are a popcorn-obsessed household lately! I’ve always enjoyed it, but now that I’m nearly 5 months into my first pregnancy, I find that I can’t get enough!!! OR always seems to pop up best for me, and I love anything buttery. That lime flavor sounds divine! I may have to make a quick run to the store before this evening’s snack!

  43. We love caramel corn. The best way to pop it is one the stovetop, but we mainly do the microwave.

  44. I love popcorn. I received a popcorn maker last Christmas and have spent a joyful year experimenting with recipes. Peppercorn ranch and sweet and spicy kettlecorn are our favorites!

  45. I like to airpop my popcorn and then sprinkle on nacho cheese flavoring (comes in a little bottle, found with the popcorn at the store).

  46. I love Hurricane popcorn! It is a local style Hawaiian popcorn. It says on the website, ‘A unique blend of Gourmet Popcorn, Rice Crackers, Nori, & Buttery Topping.’

  47. My favorite popcorn is SmartPop Kettle Corn fixed in the microwave- easy and very little clean up!

  48. We love to shake hot sauce on popcord as soon as it comes out of the microwave.

  49. I love Caramel Corn!

  50. We love Movie Theatre Butter popcorn in the microwave, and if we’re feeling especially naughty, we’ll add Parmesan cheese on top.

  51. I LOVE the 94% fat free popcorn only because I’m on Weight Watchers and it’s very inexpensive in points but my indulgent favorite is the lime flavored! YUM-O!! I loved it and would eat it everyday if I could.

  52. I have the worst sweet tooth so either caramel corn or kettle corn are my favorite!!

  53. Bananasandrice says:

    I love a mix we made with paprika, season salt and cyan pepper.

  54. Renda Schram says:

    Kettle corn is my favorite flavor of popcorn!


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