Cooking Meats for the Freezer in The Instant Pot

I’ve heard from several readers that they have an instant pot but don’t quite know how to use it. Others have a pressure cooker or slow cooker and want to get more use out of these handy appliances. One of my favorite things to do is plan ahead when it comes to mealtime, and I’m guessing you’re the same way too! So, I’ve put together a series of posts about cooking meats for the freezer in the Instant Pot.

You’ll find posts on cooking specifics Beans, Beef, Chicken, Pork, and Turkey. I’ve also included tips for freezing your cooked meats and a great collection of recipes you can add your frozen meats to for a quick dinner on even the busiest of nights.

With these tips, you’ll have everything you need to know to start using your instant pot to stock up your freezer and make getting on the table even easier than ever!

If you don’t have an instant pot yet, this is a great way to see just a few of the things you can make with yours. This is the instant pot I have, and I love it!

Cooking Meats for the Freezer in The Instant Pot

You’ll find each post by clicking on the link included. And just because it’s helpful to see things, you’ll also find a video link too of the Instant Pot process.

Here’s a walkthrough of how I Cook Beans for the Freezer in the Instant Pot . The quick Video of prepping and cooking Beans that I shared on facebook shows just how easy this is! While technically beans are not a meat, I have included them as a protein that can be cooked ahead and frozen just like the meats in this series.

Cooking meat in the instant pot or pressure cooker is such a great way to take some of the work out of the process. Here are the links to everything you need to know about cooking these dinnertime staples.

I hope you’ve found answers to some of your questions about using your Instant Pot, pressure cooker or slow cooker. And hopefully, it will help you get a hearty dinner on the table quickly so you can enjoy your evening.

Now that you have all the tips on what to cook in your Instapot, check out my post on the 10 Best Instant Pot Accessories too. You’ll be amazed at everything you can make with this appliance!

And let us know what your favorite thing is to use your Instant Pot for in the comments below. ENJOY!

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