Chicken Quesadillas

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quesadillas done

Every once in a while I think I might be losing my mind.  Okay.  I think that more than just every once in a while.

Regardless, this recipe has made me question my cognitive bearings.  The other night I decided to whip up some quesadillas for dinner.  Not wanting to reinvent the recipe, I did a search on my blog to find out how I made it before.  I know I made them once before.  I’m sure I posted it here.  I remember some of the comments.

However, I couldn’t find the recipe on here anywhere.  I dug through my wordpress files.  I searched various titles, categories and tags.  Nothing.  Squat nada.

So, I started from scratch making up a new recipe.  It still bugs me that I don’t know what happened to the other one.  Maybe I never posted it.  Maybe I really am losing my mind.  Oh well.  Let’s have a quesadilla and it will all be okay.

Here’s what you’ll need to make them:

chicken quesadillas ingr

  • 2-3 cups cooked chicken, shredded or chopped
  • 1 can Fire Roasted or regular diced tomatoes, drained
  • 1 can diced tomatoes with green chilis, drained
  • 1 can corn, drained
  • 3 cups shredded cheddar or Mexican blend cheese
  • flour tortillas

Stir all the ingredients together, except the tortillas.  Grease a skillet or griddle, or spray it with cooking spray.  Place a tortilla on a flat surface.  Spread the chicken filling over it.  Top with another tortilla.  Place this on the hot griddle or skillet.  Cook until browned, then flip to brown the other side.

You can also spread the filling over half a tortilla and then fold.  Place on the hot griddle and press down to help it stay folded.

Cut into triangles and serve with salsa, sour cream, guacamole or whatever fixings you like and have on hand.  These made me want guacamole so badly, but I had no avocados.  Very sad.

Depending on how full you fill them, this will make enough for 8-10 people.  I made them for 4 of us one evening.  Three of us ate leftovers at lunch and I put enough extra filling in the freezer for another dinner.

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  1. The thing I love best about quesadillas is that everybody seems to do them differently and they’re a great way to serve up a snack of random bits we have on hand. Except right now, I’m dying for quesadillas and I’m out of tortillas. 🙁 I love the idea of ro*tel. But then, I like the idea of ro*tel everywhere, all the time.

    My latest quesadillas involved chicken, mozzarella cheese, and a bit of Frank’s Red Hot. Cook them up, dip in bleu cheese. Yummy Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas. Mmm…

  2. Even if you don’t remember your old recipe, this is a good one. I like the idea of adding corn.

  3. I like to put drained/rinsed black beans on mine and I also use a can of green chilis rather than a can of tomatoes or rotel. 🙂 I love how everyone makes them so differently.

  4. This looks yummy! I’m a lover of quesadillas myself as are my kids. I’ll bet they’d like this one.

  5. Love quesadillas, but I don’t think to make them very often. They are really easy to make for just one or two people as well as a crowd. After all your trouble with the recipe I think you need a nice vacation in a warm family friendly place…. By the way, I thought your salmon recipe yesterday sounded really good. I’ll try that soon.

  6. WOW!!!
    Thanks for this recipe…

  7. I do mine in the oven.

    I have used many different fillings, but I assemble them and put them on a baking sheet and put them in the oven at 350 for about 15minutes, or until the cheese has melted and its cripsy. Saves a bit of time rather than having to cook onlt one or 2 at a time on a skillet.

  8. Great recipe and ideas shared. I cook for one . . . I have made several different variations of the “filling” including adding corn, chilies, black beans or pimento beans, and even a bit of rice. Sometimes, instead of chicken, I will cook up some chorizo sausage. While the filling is cooking/heating in a pan, I put the tortillas in the toaster oven on the “toast” setting. I have also made the tortillas — I have a 6″ tortilla press — and when I do that, I definitely cook the tortillas in a skillet.

  9. hi
    I am sure this recipe is delicious as well, I love your blog so clear the photographs are awesome.
    I have to ask you something, don’t we have to cook the chicken in the tomatoes before adding it to the tortillas

    • mahek, the chicken doesn’t have to be cooked with the tomatoes. I like to keep cooked chicken in the freezer so I have it ready for recipes like this.

  10. Stupid question but do you just throw the frozen chicken in the pan and let it defrost that way or do you defrost it in your fridge before hand or in the microwave? I usually forget to take frozen chicken out of the freezer until about 5 mins before I want to use it.

    • Lara, I just unzip the bag and through it in the microwave for a minute or two to thaw it out. I never seem to remember in time to let thing thaw in the fridge.

      • Thanks for the quick reply. I am new to your blog and feeling inspired in the new year to cook more for my family!

  11. Just curious, did you thaw out cooked chicken and then refreeze the leftovers? Is this ok to do? I always thought you could only freeze once before cooking and then once after. I have been freezing leftovers for lunches in individual portions but I just recently realized I had already cooked and frozen the meat before I turned it into a meal. We haven’t gotten sick that I am aware of so???????

    • Debbie, Here’s a link to some FDA info about that. I’ve got to say, that I do this frequently. We’ve never gotten sick. I’m pretty careful with our leftovers and food. We don’t eat things that have been around very long, so that probably helps. I don’t want to be responsible for saying this is fine to do though. I do it, but each cook will have to decide for themselves what they’re comfortable with.

      • Thanks Tiffany,
        I will check out that info. I love your site, btw and just told a gal today (who is just beginning to menu plan) about your site. Thanks for all you do!

  12. What’s not to love with chicken quesadillas?! We add sliced onion and sliced apple to our chicken mix and black beans and cheese and salsa! Yummy!!!! In fact, I think we will have those for dinner tonight! Just need to pick a couple apples off of our trees!

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