Angel Chicken

angel chicken done

I’ve seen this recipe floating around the internet for a while now.  A friend even gave me a copy written in handwriting on a recipe card a few months ago.  I’d put off trying it though, because it calls for Cambell’s Golden Mushroom Soup, which I can’t seem to find.  Finally, I decided that I could substitute.  I’m glad I did.  This is yummy, creamy and satisfying.  And for a bonus, it’s a crockpot recipe.

Here’s what you’ll need:

angel chicken ingr

  • 4-6 chicken breasts
  • 3 Tbs. butter
  • Italian dressing mix – 1 packet
  • cream of chicken or golden mushroom soup
  • 4 oz. cream cheese
  • 1/2 cup white wine (the dixie cup has wine that I froze)
  • angel hair pasta, cooked

Put the chicken in the crockpot.  Melt the butter and soften the cream cheese in the microwave.  Stir those together with the Italian dressing mix, the soup and wine.  Cook on low for 5-6 hours.

I broke the chicken up a bit with a spoon after it had cooked.  Serve the chicken with the sauce over the cooked pasta.

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  1. I’m surprised you can’t find Golden Mushroom at your walmart! I cook with it on several recipes and always buy it there.

    I am totally going to try this recipe! Thanks!

  2. That looks like what I made for dinner last night. It was easy and yummy!

  3. I got this recipe a few years ago when it was ‘hot’ on the web….and still make it on a regular basis. My family LOVES it…and yes, I could never find golden mushroom soup (does it even exist??) but my husband hates mushrooms so I always sub cream of chicken….I also use water instead of white wine!

    • Golden Mushroom Soup does exist believe it or not and I actually found it at walmart. They don’t carry it all the time though.

  4. Thanks for this recipe. I had no idea you could freeze wine. I have a bottle at home I was gonna pour out that I opened for one recipe.

    • Hi April, I never knew you could freeze wine either,can you tell me what to do..Thanks Brenda

      • I’ve been told the best way is to freeze in a ice cube tray, so you can just add a bit if that’s what’s called for – you could freeze them and then bag them.

  5. This looks really good. I think Alex and Soph would even it it. They’re visually picky, but I think I could get ’em to taste it and they’d be hooked.


  6. My mom makes this but I haven’t tired it b/c I don’t like mushrooms that much. I am glad to know that cream of chicken can be substituted and still taste good. I added this to my menu for next week.

  7. Made this last — YUMMMM!

    I substituted cream of celery and added back a half a package of onion soup mix (figured that was was made the golden mushroom soup golden??). Something else I tried which was NOT successful was to exclude the cream cheese — DONT do that! The sauce was way too liquidy, won’t do that again =)

  8. this was absolutely AMAZING!!!! my new favorite recipe!!! =)

  9. question for you – when you cook chicken breasts ahead and then freeze them, how do you cook them? boil? bake? do you season or use chicken broth to give them flavor? I always end up getting my chicken way too dry. thanks!

  10. This sounds great! I bet it would be good with cream of mushroom or cream of broccoli too! I’ll definitely be trying this one soon!

  11. Tiffany,

    I’m blogging on angel chicken and COMPLETELY FORGOT to take the first few photos of the prep. May I use your photos and give you a link from my post to yours?


  12. made this last night and it was yummy!! I used golden mushroom and cream of chicken soup together along with the white wine, cream cheese and other things…….I cooked it for about 7 hours on low and it was great. Instead of angel hair pasta, I made wild rice and served it over that………my kids and fiance’ ate it up! Thanks, this one is a keeper =)

  13. Kathy E. says:

    I found his recipe on Pinterest and made it today. I skipped the whole crockpot idea and made it on the stovetop with chicken I baked in the oven. I also skipped the butter and put everything in a large skillet and simmered it for about 45 minutes. It was deeee-licious! Next time, I’ll add some sliced mushrooms. With reduced-fat cream cheese, and Healthy Request soup, I saved on calories too! Thanks for posting this winner!

  14. I want to make-this so bad, sounds so yummy. Can any one help with a recipe question, I live in New Zealand and I don’t no what ( Italian dressing mix – 1 packet) is, we don’t have it here so dont no how to substitute it..Thanks Brenda

  15. Hi there. I was just wondering if the Italian dressing mix is the salad dressing mix? That’s all I could find. Thanks!

  16. Dumb question – I assume the sauce cooks with the chicken in the crockpot?

  17. Sounds yummy! Can anybody suggest a substitution for the Italian dressing? We’re just not fans of that particular mix of flavors. 🙂 THANKS!!!!

    • Emily, I think you could just use several different herbs and spices. Try oregano, a little basil and thyme. Or try tarragon for something different. I don’t think you can really mess up this recipe, so don’t be afraid to experiment to make it the way your family will like.

  18. Tara Watson says:

    Do you thaw your chicken out or put it in the crockpot frozen? Just curious..I’m making this tonight and can’t wait!

  19. The recipe listed here is nothing like the original. The original has chive and onion cream cheese and actual mushrooms in it, and use golden mushroom soup! It will be a 10 times better than this recipe!

  20. Sheryl Robertson says:

    I dont have any white wine, think it will still come out ok?

  21. Hi:

    Looks GREAT! Suggestion for white wine in recipes. To always have white wine on hand for recipes, buy a bottle of dry vermouth. It is white wine with some herbs in it, and lasts forever You normally use it as an aperitif or in a martini. BUT it works just fine as white wine in savory recipes. I got this tip from a James Beard cookbook many years ago.

  22. Has anyone tried making this in the oven? I’m afraid the high heat might curdle or separate the cream cheese. Anyone have tips?

    • You could do it in the oven and leave the cream cheese out until the end. Remove it from the oven and let it rest a few minutes, then add the cream cheese.

  23. This was amazing!!! I used the golden mushroom soup and served it with thin spaghetti. I put 2 lbs of frozen chicken tenders in the pot on high, mixing it around after 1 1\2 hrs, and it was done in 4 hrs.

  24. Julie parry says:

    Hi I would really like to try this recipe but as I live in the uk ,
    Can you tell me please what ingredients are in the Italian dressing mix so I can make my own .
    We do not have this in the uk so would be great to know what’s in it .many thanks
    Kind regards
    Mrs J Parry


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