DIY Programmable Slow Cooker

The other day, I posted a photo on Instagram of two crockpots set up.  One with our dinner and a smaller one with dessert.  Someone noticed that the small one was hooked up to a timer.

This is a cheater tip I shared about a year ago.  I’d still love to have a fancy programmable slow cooker, but this $4 hack does the job.

Here’s the original post, but the basic idea is to plug the cooker into a timer, so you can delay the start of cooking and set it to turn off at a certain point too.

I’ve used it for overnight oatmeal and also dessert.  It would work great for some side dishes too.  I don’t think I’d use it for cooking with meat or other highly perishable foods though.


Make Your Slow Cooker Programmable for just $4!

This little tip was mentioned by Loretta, one of my readers.

You can use a timer (the kind you use for Christmas trees, lamps, etc.  Find them in the hardware section.) to set your slow cooker.  It isn’t quite as good as a programmable slow cooker, but it is very close.

And it’s perfect for slow cooked oatmeal.  I set it to start about 3am and at 7am breakfast was ready, without being overcooked.

Another cool tip, mentioned by a reader (I can’t remember who!) – Walmart now has Rival 2 quart slow cookers on sale for just $4!  I bought one, especially for fixing oatmeal.  It’s a fantastic price.  The same thing on Amazon costs $20 or more.

Happy cooking!

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