Simple Meal Plans & Real Life – June 2

Yesterday my oldest daughter got married.  Last week was a blur of activity getting ready for the wedding.  We did eat, but I’m not sure I can remember much of it!

For one meal, we ate Costco dinner – rotisserie chicken, watermelon, pretzel rolls and potato salad.  I took the same thing to the family next door that night, because their dad fell and broke his leg a few days earlier.

The other highlight was P.F. Chang Lettuce Wraps.  Oh my!  That is a fantastic recipe!  And it’s on the Traditional Meal Plan this week.

I’ll have more on the wedding and maybe a few pictures next week I hope!

Simple Weekly Meal Plans

If you’ve been looking for a way to save time on menu planning, you’ll want to look into getting our Weekly Meal Plans.  All the organizing and thinking is done for you.  No grocery list making or side dish planning needed.  I love using these and when I don’t have to do any recipe creation, this is my preferred way to shop and cook.

Here’s a sneak peek at this week’s meal plans.  When you join the Weekly Meal Plan list, you get the grocery list and printable recipes with side dishes included.  You can find out more about how to get the meal plans for yourself by clicking here.

Whole Foods Menu

  1. Lemon Pepper Bow-tie Pasta
  2. Chicken Fiesta 
  3. Asian Salmon
  4. NY Strip Steak
  5. Southwestern Veggie Skillet
  6. Grilled Cheese & Tomato Sandwiches
  7. Coconut No-Bake Cookies

Traditional Menu

  1. Sweet and Sour Chicken Skillet 
  2. Italian Sausage Sloppy Joe’s
  3. Oven Baked Tacos
  4. Spaghetti
  5. PF Chang Lettuce Wrap
  6. Steak Kabobs
  7. Boardwalk Brownies

Slow Cooker Menu

Simple Weekly Meal Plans & Eat at Home Turns 5!

I can’t believe I’ve been writing this blog for 5 years.  It’s been a really good 5 years!

I’ve met lots of people and made new friends.  Turned a hobby into a business that I love.  Learned how to do all kinds of things, from using Photoshop to tweaking html code.

Thank you so much for reading Eat at Home, for trying the recipes, and for sharing your ideas.  I love hearing that your family enjoyed a recipe!



This past week I did a lot of recipe creation.  I’ve got two new slow cooker oatmeal recipes to share with you soon.  And I’ve got ideas for several more too.  I’m on a roll with oats!

I also tried a new slow cooker soup recipe, which posted Friday – Slow Cooker Chicken Parmesan Soup.

Wednesday night I made Southwest Veggie Skillet.  I’ll be sharing that recipes soon too.  It was an easy meal that made use of what I had in the fridge and pantry.

On Friday, Isaac had a soccer tournament in Louisville. We knew he would play in two games, but we didn’t know what time the last game would be.  I guessed that we would be able to make it home for dinner, so I put one of our slow cooker freezer meals in the crockpot.  Unfortunately, the game started later than I thought.  The meal got saved for over the weekend instead.

We did get to stop for barbecue in Shelbyville, KY.  Yum!

Simple Weekly Meal Plans

Here’s a sneak peek at this week’s meal plans.  When you join the Weekly Meal Plan list, you get the grocery list and printable recipes with side dishes included.  And October has a week of  Slow Cooker Freezer Meals, with a plan to make 6 meals in about 1 hour.  You can find out more about how to get them for yourself by clicking here.

Slow Cooker Plan

Traditional Plan

  1. Sweet Italian Sausage Pasta Sauce 
  2. Summertime Tuna Tomato Salad 
  3. Pan Fried Steak
  4. 10 Minute French Dip Sandwiches 
  5. Cornbread Pizza 
  6. Salmon Patties 
  7. Cherry Squares

Real Life and Menu Plans – Traditional and Slow Cooker Plans for April 29



Before we get to the real life stuff, I wanted to tell you about a new feature for the Weekly Meal Plans that we’ll be rolling out soon.  Starting with the May plans (next week), the grocery lists will be color coded so that you can tell which ingredient goes with which meal.  More detailed and more fun!

And big news for our family – our oldest daughter is now engaged!  This isn’t exactly a surprise to anyone.  We’ve seen it coming for a long time.  We’re very happy for her and for our future son-in-law <——How long will it take me to get used to saying that? Any advice for this new stage of life/wedding planning/grown up kids?

This week included lots of recipe testing for me.  Quite a few of our dinners were new recipes that I’ll be sharing here on the blog soon.  Since I knew I’d be testing new recipes, I didn’t shop with one of the Weekly Meal Plans this time.  I have to say, when I shop with the list and the meals are all planned for me I spend less time and less money.

Last Sunday, I made a new slow cooker meal that uses boneless pork chops and 2 other easy ingredients.  It was a hit and I can’t wait to share it with you.  I also made a simple dish of mashed sweet potatoes that I’ll be sharing soon too.

It’s so nice to come home from church to dinner that is already cooked.  Sunday was capped off with a soccer game.  It was sunny, but the breeze made it a little chilly for sitting outside.

Monday, we had a variation of one of our favorite 15 minute meals.  We love Orange Chicken, but the store was out of orange sauce.  I subbed Mandarin sauce and used red pepper and green onions with it.  Yum!

Tuesday, I tested another new recipe for the crockpot.  I think you will love it as much as we did!  It involves beef and pita pockets. So easy and so good!

Wednesday was gray and raining.  I decided it was a perfect day to try out a copy-cat Disney recipe for Strawberry Soup.  Yum!

I was in a huge rush, trying to write blog posts, put clean sheets on the bed and talk on the phone to my mom about Meredith’s Big News.  (Multi-tasking is highly over rated!)  The kids came in the kitchen and helped me pull dinner together.  I made the Strawberry Soup and photographed it.  Peter fixed the biscuits.  Meredith made scrambled eggs.  And Mia and Isaac set the table and poured drinks. We had it done in record time.

Thursday, I put Chicken Enchilada Soup in the crockpot.  It was one that was planned for a few weeks ago, but we didn’t get to it.  I love when the meal planning carries over.  Even when I don’t stick to the plan, there’s a benefit for the future.

This soup is one that can cook all day long and not be over cooked.  And it’s great for when you have to eat in shifts.  Since we’re all going in different directions with soccer practices and such, we’ll be eating at different times.

Finally, for my slow cooker fail – Friday night I put a 4 lb. bone-in pork roast in the crockpot to cook all night.  On Saturday morning, I realized that it had popped the lid up a bit and the roast was still oozing red from the middle.  I was unsure whether this would be safe to serve or not, so I asked on Facebook.  After some lively conversation and internet research, I decided I needed to start over with a new roast.  So much for getting a head start on the pulled pork for next weekend!

Here’s a sneak peek at this week’s meal plans.  You can find out more about how to get them delivered to your inbox by clicking here.

Traditional Plan

  1. Asian chicken lettuce wraps
  2. Southwest beef rolls
  3. Shrimp Tacos
  4. Scramble egg-wiches 
  5. Sticky Coconut Chicken 
  6. Italian Sausage and Bean Soup
  7. Amish Oatmeal Cookies

Slow Cooker Plan

  1. All Veggie Vegetable Soup
  2. Southwest Steak and Cornbread Dressing
  3. Hashbrown casserole 
  4. Baked Chicken with Summer Vegetables
  5. Slow Cooker Chicken and dumplings with gnocchi
  6. Velma’s chili
  7. Amish Oatmeal Cookies

Real Life and Meal Planning + Traditional and Slow Cooker Weekly Plans for April 22



This week was crazy.  I’ve been working on several big projects, all of which have deadlines around the same time.  Throw in a bunch of soccer practices and games, along with the regular stuff and…  Well, you know how it is.  You’ve lived crazy busy.

As a result, we did not follow the meal plan closely at all.  That’s okay.  Meal plans are a tool to be used to make life easier.  They are not a set of rules that have to be followed.

On Monday, I had a post to write that I also needed to cook for.  I made steaks in the middle of the afternoon, some on the grill and some in an iron skillet on the stove.  If you’re curious about the outcome and which tastes better, check out the post.  So Monday night, we had steak, macaroni and cheese and broccoli.

Tuesday was a real treat!  And it included dinner too.  We attended a fundraiser for a Bolivia mission at church and got to see Joe Castillo perform.  He is a sand artist that appeared on America’s Got Talent.  His sand stories and his spoken stories are powerful and profound.  Here’s a video of one of his performances.

On Wednesday, we ended up with a YOYO dinner (You’re on Your Own). The boys ate sandwiches early, before heading out to youth group. Jim and Mia also had sandwiches. I had book club at a new restaurant in town called Coba. The atmosphere in the restaurant is unique and fun. Check out this photo I took of the floor to ceiling jelly fish tank.



The food at Coba is good, but not a match to the atmosphere.  The do serve gelato for dessert though, and that was wonderful.

Thursday is a long day for us, and this week we had soccer games after out homeschool group too.  Normally, I throw something in the crockpot, but this time I decided to just grab food out.  I end up with a migraine nearly every Thursday, and this week I decided to make dinner simple.  I had a grocery store salad and everyone else ran through Culvers.  This made 3 days in a row that I didn’t cook dinner last week.

Friday brought another soccer practice and work for the oldest two.  Mia ate dinner with a friend.  For the three of us who were home, I thawed grilled chicken I had made the week before.  We used it to make chicken tacos with homemade guacamole.  It was so easy, I”m not sure it counts as cooking, but it did count as dinner.

Saturday and Sunday I tried new recipes.  All were a success, and I’ll be posting the recipes soon.

Last week was definitely out of the ordinary for us.  The break from cooking was nice, but I’m ready to get back to it.

Here’s a sneak peek at this week’s meal plans.  You can find out more about how to get them delivered to your inbox by clicking here.

Slow Cooker Plan

  1. Chicken & Dressing Casserole 
  2. Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce with two cheeses
  3. Chili Sauce Chicken Legs
  4.  Chicken Posole Stew
  5. Pork Chops with Fried Apples
  6. Mexican style Beef Roast
  7. No Bake Cappuccino Pie

Traditional Plan

  1. Italian Seasoned Salt Chicken
  2. Barbecue chicken fajitas
  3. Asian Salmon on the Grill
  4. Bacon and Tomato Pasta
  5. Chicken barley soup
  6. Lentil tacos with sweet potato fries
  7. No Bake Cappuccino Pie

Meal Planning and Real Life – Sharing a little of my week and Meal Plans for March 25

Today, I’ve decided to change things up a little bit and share a little bit of my week and how the Meal Plans work out in real life for us.

Last Saturday, I printed off the Traditional Plan for March 25. I was a week ahead of the schedule. I guess I’m ready for March to be over!

Jim has been gone for 3 weeks on a business trip. He gets back on Saturday (I’m writing this on Friday, so I can have some family time with no blog work this weekend.) I am soooo ready to have him home again!

Whenever he is gone, I end up making pancakes for dinner. I’m happy to report that in three weeks, we only had pancakes twice. Current favorite: Peanut Butter Pancakes.

No, those weren’t on the Meal Plan.

Here’s the thing about using a Meal Plan – you can use it as it’s listed, making every meal on the plan. That works some weeks. Or, you can switch thing out and change things, using the plan as guideline. Here’s how I used my plan that way this week.    [Read more…]

Weekly Meal Plans for Your Family – March 18

There’s so much to love about the meal plans this week!

The Slow Cooker Plan has one of my favorite soups, one of my favorite chicken recipes and goodness-in-a-tortilla Pork Carnitas.  Not to mention, Chocolate Cobbler for dessert.  Yum!

The Traditional Plan has one of my favorite enchilada recipes, a vegetarian dish and more.  Plus chocolate cookies for dessert.  Scrumptious!

Make this your easiest month of cooking ever, by subscribing to the Weekly Meal Plans.  You’ll get complete grocery lists for both Traditional and Slow Cooker Plans.  You even get to choose to print the 3-4 serving versions or 6-8 serving versions.

I love being able to put dinner on the table and not have to plan and wonder what we’re having each night.  So easy!

At just $4 per month, it’s a no-brainer way to save time. 

Receive your first set of Weekly Meal Plans the same day you sign up!
Here’s what’s on the plans this week and when you subscribe, you’ll also get suggested side dishes as well.

All Slow Cooker Plan 

  1. Chicken Enchilada Soup in Slow Cooker
  2. Honey Dijon Pork Chops and Apples
  3. Mel’s Chili 
  4. Garlic Chicken with More Garlic in the Crockpot
  5. Beef and Bean topped Potatoes
  6. Pork Carnitas
  7. Chocolate Cobbler 

Traditional Plan

  1. Angel Chicken 
  2. Beef Bourgennoine 
  3. Light and Heathier Potato Soup with Ham Sandwiches
  4. White Enchiladas 
  5. Veggie Pie 
  6. Wimpy’s aka Sloppy Joe’s 
  7. Chocolate Drop Cookies
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