Weekend Links and a Cheesy Wrap-Up

Serious cheesy wonderfulness was shared on Wednesday’s Ingredient Spotlight.  Here are a few that caught my eye:

Spinach and Brie Chicken with Tomato Orzo – from The Packed Table.  Joyce shows exactly how to do this impressive dish and it doesn’t sound hard either.

Rice Cooker Mac & Cheese – from the marvelous Bethany of For the Love of Grub. I’ve heard about this recipe forever from my favorite homeschool forums.  I really need to get a rice cooker so I can try it.

Cheese Ball from Heaven – from Amanda at Oh Amanda.  Don’t get stuck on the Oreo covered marshmallows, just keep scrolling to the cheese ball.  Ok, you can look if you need to.

Mozzarella Tomato Olive Skewers – from Crumbs and Chaos.  Such deliciousness on a stick.

Faux Red Lobster Biscuits – from Picture Perfect Cooking.  Everybody loves these.

Cheddar Corn Bake – from Andrea at The Green Backs Gal.  Andrea knows her meatless meals and this one looks great!

I also want to give a shout out to the sponsors of Eat at Home.

Plan to Eat is a recipe gathering, meal planning, grocery list making genius of a site.  It does all of that and does it simply too.  And it’s fun to use!

Rada Cutlery makes my favorite knives.  I always thought a good knife had to be expensive, but Rada proved that wrong.  They do fundraisers too, so if you need to raise money for something, please go check them out.


Steamed Vanilla Milk and Weekend Links

Spilled milk.

Sometimes when I go to a coffee shop (not often) in the evening, instead of getting coffee I like to get steamed vanilla milk.  They use the steamer on the espresso machine to froth warm milk and add a shot of vanilla syrup.

It’s easy to replicate at home.  Vanilla syrup can be bought in the coffee section of the grocery store.  Add a bit to a cup of milk and microwave it to warm.  Then give it a good stir.  I use a little battery powered whisk I bought at Ikea for under $2.  You can see I got a little carried away with the whisking and made a mess.

Grab your favorite beverage and check out what I’ve found across the blogosphere this week. [Read more…]

What I’ve Been Reading in the Blogosphere

I thought I’d share a few of my non-food blog reads, just for something different this weekend.

I’ve been missing Disney.  We went at the end of May and that seems like a long time ago now.

Can you guess where I am with my kids in this picture?  Pixie dust for the person who gets it right!

kids and me animal kingdom gas pumps

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I’m at the Savvy Blogging Summit!


I am on my way to the Savvy Blogging Summit in Breckinridge, CO.  I’m so excited about this opportunity to learn.  I’ve got lots of ideas for this blog, and I know I’ll come home equipped to put some of them into action.  I’m especially excited to get to meet other bloggers in person.

This will be my first time in Colorado and I’m really looking forward to seeing the Rocky Mountains.  I’ve packed my sweaters.  Compared to the 95 degrees with full humidity that we’ve been having, 64 degrees sounds down right chilly!

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Weekend Links and a Few More Disney Pics

tomato tree epcot

You can see this tomato tree on the Living with the Land ride in Epcot.  The ride takes you on a tour of green houses where they are doing some amazing things with growing plants and even fish and alligators.  This tomato tree blows my mind.  I think they said they harvest something like 40 bazillion cherry tomatoes off of it.

Take a look at the bell pepper plants:

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