Cinnamon Sugar Toast and Other Matters

I’ve got a variety of thoughts on my mind today and since it’s Saturday, it seems the perfect day to share them with you.

1.  I’m looking for a few good guest posters.  If you think you’d like to write a post to share here on Eat at Home, send me an email ([email protected]).  You can share a recipe or other food related topic.

2.  I have been doing some writing for the SC Johnson website in their Family Economics section.  You can read one of my posts here.  I’ll have others published over the next few months.  I have been compensated by SC Johnson for this.

3.  Completely unrelated to food – We’re planning a trip to Disney World in a couple months.  One of my favorite sites to haunt is  I found this very cool interactive video linked over there.  It’s a virtual day in WDW.  Each park is included and you can “ride” many of the rides.  Very fun.

4.  I’m planning to do some cooking for our Disney trip this weekend.  I’ve got 3 freezer meals picked out to make.  We’ll pack those on dry ice.  My mom is doing the bulk of the cooking though.  She’s already got lots of food made and in the freezer.  One of the meals I’m cooking is Spicy Garlic Chicken Pizza.  I’m also trying 2 new dishes.

5.  I eat cinnamon sugar toast for breakfast nearly every day.  I admit to getting a little bored with it, but it’s so easy and it does taste good.  What do you eat for breakfast?

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