Ingredient Spotlight: Cream Soups

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This post is part of a new series where you get to link up your recipes! Each week I’ll focus on a different common pantry ingredient. I’ll link to a few of my recipes that feature the ingredient and then give you a chance to link up to your blog.

Canned cream soup is one of my favorite pantry staples. It’s really just a short cut for homemade white sauce and if you’re one of those people who won’t touch “cream of ___” soups with a 10 foot pole, you can substitute your own white sauce. I hope one (or more) of you will link up a recipe for the homemade version.

My favorite “cream of” soup is chicken. I’ve recently developed an aversion to celery soup. I’ve got a friend who can’t stand the chicken type. Luckily, you can switch out celery, chicken and mushroom without altering the recipe much. Do you have a favorite?

Here are a few of my recipes using cream soups:

Before I give you a chance to link up your cream soup recipes, I want to let you know about the Better Living Holiday Giveaway Bash.

I’ve got several giveaways lined up for you over the next week (including a sweet one tomorrow).  There are also 6 other bloggers doing lots of giveaways this week.  Be sure to check them out each day:

Back to Ingredient Spotlight.  Link up any recipe on your blog that uses cream soup.  It doesn’t have to be a recent post, just be sure to link directly to your recipe, not just the main page of your blog.  I only ask that you include a link back to Eat at Home in your post. You can link directly to this post or use the button in the sidebar.

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    That’s my favorite “Cream of Crap” soup recipe. I made up a big batch and keep it in a jar in the cupboard. Works great!

  2. yummy recipes — perfect for this time of year!

  3. Thanks for hosting Ingredient Spotlight. I love to find new ways to use cream soups.

  4. Here’s a great dinner recipe that uses cream of mushroom soup. Kids and adults like it, and it freezes well!

  5. I dont have a blog but I do have a recipe.
    Crockpot cubed steak and gravy
    cubed steak(how ever many pieces you want)
    salt and pepper
    1-2 BIG can cream of _______ (again which ever is on hand) I like chicken best

    Flour, salt and pepper the cubed steak
    fry till brown(doesnt have to be all the way done just browned)
    place soup in crockpot and add enough water to mix a bit(about 1/2 a can)
    place steak into crockpot in the soup along with some of the drippings from frying it
    turn cooker on low for 6-8
    Have never turned it on high but i would assume 3-4 would work
    serve with mashed potatoes for gravy!

    Hope this is ok

  6. My family can’t eat most condensed cream soups – I just linked my recipe for a homemade version (which is great if you are cooking for more than 4 people, you can make as much or as little as you need!)


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