How to make 6 slow cooker freezer meals in 1 hour – February (and a video)


February slow cooker freezer meals

Every month, as part of the Slow Cooker plan for Weekly Meal Plans, we do a freezer meals week.  The goal is to be able to assemble all 6 meals in just about 1 hour.

I stock these away to use on our really busy days.  I love having them in the freezer!  In fact, as I write this I can smell the Chicken Cacciatore cooking for our dinner tonight.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a video showing how I assemble the meals.  I’m not great at video.  I haven’t taken time to learn to edit.  And the storage on my phone is almost out (yes, I’m super high tech and record with my iPhone), so the video cuts out near the end.  But you don’t miss out on too much.

I hope you find the video helpful.  And if not, just skip it 🙂

All of the slow cooker freezer meal plans have downloadable, color-coded grocery lists.  I love shopping with these.  It makes it so easy to pick up what you need.

The February plans are all available in the member area now.  Members have access to all three plans – Traditional, Whole Food and Slow Cooker.

The recipes I make in this video are all available on the site.  But to get the printable grocery list, recipes and assembly instructions, you’ll need to be a member of Weekly Meal Plans.

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  1. I have watched a lot of the videos on preparing ahead crogkpot meals. Love them where can I find the recipes to print out?

    • You can search the name of any of the recipes in the search bar in the upper right hand corner. Or if you want to know about one you can’t find, let me know and I’ll link it for you.

  2. Thank you! These are great ideas and you made it look almost effortless to put away such yummy meals into the freezer.

  3. awesome! thanks for the video. I make dinner waaaaay too complicated and this is a reminder that it doesn’t need to be 🙂

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