Blueberry Crisp — 30 Days of Whole Food Summer Slow Cooker Recipes

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Dessert.  A little something sweet can go a long way to making the day go from good, to just right.



I may not be famous for my healthy dessert collection. I like sweet, decadent desserts that probably add pounds just by looking at them. But this dessert? It’s delicious…and I think it’s healthy, too!

This blueberry crisp really good. It is sweetened with natural sweeteners. I use honey or a little maple syrup. I’m not sure it’s completely gluten free, but the topping is made with oats and almond flour. It gives the crisp a little extra goodness in flavor. Of course I love that you can make crisp in your slow cooker. And of course, I always love topping mine with some homemade ice cream! That makes this the perfect dessert.

30 Days of Whole Food and Garden Fresh Summer Slow Cooker Recipes

We are sharing 30 summer slow cooker recipes that use garden fresh or whole food ingredients this month! Click here to see all the recipes in this series. Sign up to get these delivered to your inbox so you don’t miss a post by clicking here.


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