How to Keep Apple Slices from Turning Brown for Several Days

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How to Keep Apple Slices from Turning Brown


Have you ever wanted to serve apple slices at a party?  Or pack them in a lunch?

The problem is that, once they’re cut apples start to turn brown.  But I’ve figured out a simple, two step method to keeping them looking fresh.  I’ve tested this method several times.  The first time, I checked the apples for several days after cutting.  They stayed looking fresh the whole time.  This time, I tested them for 24 hours.  Again, the method worked perfectly.

Keep Apple Slices from Turning Brown for over 24 hours with this two step method


The first step involves slicing the apples and letting them soak for 2-3 minutes in Sprite.  I pour the Sprite in a bowl, add the apples and then stir so that all surfaces of the apples are in contact with the Sprite.

I’ve used lemon juice to dip apples, but it does alter the taste a bit.  And I’ve never soaked the apples in lemon juice, just a quick dip, so the anti-browning action isn’t as good.

I’ve also heard of people using salt water to deter browning in apples.  But again, that would alter the taste of the apples.

Sprite works great though.  It doesn’t change the taste of the fruit noticeably at all.  And that means the apples can take a 2-3 minute soak, which really helps deter the browning for longer.

How to keep apples fresh


The second step of the method is to drain the apples and put them in zip top plastic bags.  Squeeze as much air as possible out of the bags.  Then store the slices in the fridge.

I’ve held the apples in the fridge for several days with no browning happening.  This is good if you need to do some party prep ahead of time.  Slicing apples isn’t hard, but it can be time consuming if you have a lot to do.  It’s nice to know you can do it ahead and still have fresh looking apples.

I also tested the apples after coming out of the fridge and sitting on a plate at room temperature.  Here’s what they looked like immediately after I put them out.



You can see I tested 3 different varieties.  The Fuji was naturally darker than Ida Red and Jonathan, but all of them still looked fresh 24 hours after the Sprite bath.

And here they are 30 minutes later:



No noticeable change.  I’ve also tested the slices for several hours on the counter and there wasn’t any browning that I noticed.

So, if you want fresh slices to pack in a lunch or serve at a party, grab some Sprite and zip top bags.  Don’t forget the caramel sauce for dipping!

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  1. Tiffany Meyer says:

    So simple! Love it and my kids will too. Thanks for posting!

  2. Great tip! I’ve never heard of using Sprite.

    Did you happen to try orange juice? I’ve heard that that works, but have never tried anything other than a quick dip (which seemed to work for a short time). I wonder if it would work for several days, like the Sprite did.

    • I haven’t tried orange juice. That seems better than lemon though, if you’re going to give them a 2-3 minute soak. If you try it, let me know how it works.

  3. This works like crazy and for Wausau more than 24 hours! Thank you so much for this!!

  4. Thanks so much! Will hopefully try packing apples for work on Monday : )

  5. Quick question; after dipping in sprite, do you dry apples before bagging in zip locks? Thank you!

  6. Thank you so much! I sliced apples for a party (with caramel dipping sauce) and this worked perfectly!

  7. I also use pineapple juice, it works just as good in preventing apples slices from turning brown.

  8. What about using Fruit Fresh? As good as the Sprite?

  9. this will help me do my stem fair project

  10. Would diet sprite also work?

  11. Great for the schools science fair.

  12. Has anyone tried 7-up?

  13. Jennifer Newman says:

    Orange Juice works perfectly also!!

  14. Great, want to try at Center for Kids

  15. Bridget Booth says:

    I am going to try this tomorrow. I want to cut apples for an apple cake that I’m not doing fo several days. I’m going to try vacuum bags after the sprite.

  16. does 7up work?


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