Ingredient Spotlight – Apples/Applesauce

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This is the third post in a new series where you get to link up your recipes!  Each week I’ll focus on a different common pantry ingredient.  I’ll link to a few of my recipes that feature the ingredient and then give you a chance to link up to your blog.

Fall is here and so are the apples!  Is there anything better than a crisp, sweet apple just picked from the orchard?  Jim’s favorite Sunday night supper is an apple (he likes his tart) with cheddar cheese and a bowl of popcorn.  Simple and delicious!

Every week, I buy a bag of apples from the grocery.  I like having them for eating and for cooking and baking.  Here are a few of my recipes using apples:

Now it’s your turn!  Link up any recipe on your blog that uses apples or applesauce.  It doesn’t have to be a recent post, just be sure to link directly to your recipe, not just the main page of your blog.  I only ask that you include a link back to Eat at Home in your post.  You can link directly to this post or use the button in the sidebar.

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  1. We went apple picking for the first time this season, last weekend. I have a huge bag of apples to use up. I’m looking forward to all the great recipes!
    Thanks for hosting!

    • Liz, I would love to go apple picking. I hope we’ll be able to fit that in this fall. And a corn maze would be fun too. I’ve never done that before, but it seems like it should go with the apple picking 🙂

  2. My in-laws are apple farmers, so we have plenty of apple recipes on hand. The one apple I want to recommend for eating (not necessarily for cooking) is the Honeycrisp. If you haven’t tried one, go do it immediately!!! Sweet and tart and delicious!

  3. I love the fall when the smell of cooking apples permiate the air…. Thanks for hosting 🙂

  4. I WANT to go apple picking this year. Our favorite orchard was hit by hail and their crop was severely damaged so we’ll have to pick another spot. I LOVE making applesauce in the crock pot though!

    I just found your ingredient spotlight. GREAT feature! Hopefully I’ll remember to link up next week! Thanks!

    • Debbi, I just made crockpot applesauce yesterday for the first time. I’ll be posting the recipe soon. I should have planned better to have it for this apple post. Oh my goodness, it was so delicious!

  5. Well – I guess I didn’t do the whole “name” thing right on the linky! Sorry! What it should have said was: Fresh Apple Cake. Oh well, I’ll try to get it right next time, okay? 🙂

  6. i dont have a recipe to share, but look forward to doing some apple picking and checking back for some recipes!

  7. I came across this site from another blog that I read. I am so inspired and excited by it!! I have printed some weekly menus, and I am looking forward to shopping for the first time in a long time. Great site, great pictures, and I hope great recipes.

  8. I don’t have a blog yet, but here are two recipes using applesauce that we like very much.
    Crockpot Apple Butter
    8 c. applesauce
    4 c. sugar
    4 t. cinnamon
    2 t. each allspice, nutmeg and cloves
    Place all ingredients in 3 to 4-qt. crockpot and mix very well. Cook on high
    UNCOVERED for 6 to 7 hours. It is not necessary to stir. When done, transfer to a large bowl, set in ice water, and stir to cool. Put in containers of a size to suit your family. Store in refrigerator (will keep a long time) or it can be frozen. This is quite spicy but DH and I love it on hot biscuits.

    Baked Applesauce Pork Chops/Steaks
    4-6 pork chops or steaks, trimmed of fat (I use whatever is the better buy when I want to make this.
    1 envelope brown gravy mix (you can substitute 2 t. of beef base if you do not want to use the mix
    1 c. applesauce
    1 c. water
    1 T instant minced onion or 1 c. chopped fresh onion
    1 T. mustard, yellow is fine but dijon is good so is spicy brown
    1/4 t. sage

    Brown meat in skillet, pouring off any excess fat. Place meat in a 9×13-in. baking dish. Add remaining ingredients and mix, scrapping up any good bits from browning the meat. Heat till hot. Pour over meat. Cover with foil and bake in a 350F. degree oven for 1 hour until meat is tender. I
    often double the sauce ingredients as we like a enough sauce to spoon over the meat and whatever else I am serving. I serve this with mashed potatoes, rice, noodles, or a 3-grain pilaf. This serves 4-6

  9. What a great set of recipes! I’m loving your series here 🙂

  10. We are getting the first apples of the season from the orchard this weekend. And I agree with the previous poster, Honeycrisp apples are the best (for eating)! I like Cortlands or Jonathans for baking.

    This recipe for apple bread pudding is divine. Instead of making the vanilla sauce, I thaw some vanilla bean ice cream and serve it drizzled over the top.

  11. Tiffany, Oh do try the apple butter. I think it is soooo! good and so easy. I have even purchased commercial applesauce to make it. As I mentioned, it is quite spicy, but you can tone the spices down it they are too much.

  12. The Sweet Spicy Pork Chop sauce is good on Chicken too, btw. We’ve put it on just about everything, including salad. Which my husband informed me the other day was such a good “thick” dressing he didn’t need anything else!!


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