How Do You Use Technology in the Kitchen? (Plus – Setting Up Eat at Home as an App on Your Smart Phone)

How’s that for a long post title?

I’ve had several readers mention to me that they would love to see a smart phone app for Eat at Home, specifically for the menus.  I looked into having an app developed and found that it would cost $5K-$30K!  Yikes!  That’s not in the budget at all.

Thankfully, there are a few ways that you can still use Eat at Home on your smart phone.

One way is to use the ZipList app.  Many of my recipes are in ZipList format and I’m working to get the rest of them transferred, as well.  If you see a recipe you’d like to add to your ZipList recipe box, let me know and I’ll switch it over as soon as I can.

Setting up Eat at Home as an app on your phone

You can also set up Eat at Home (or any website) as an app on your phone.  In the photo above, you can see that I’ve got EaH set up on my phone (2nd row, 2nd app).   Here’s how you do it on an iPhone (I’m sure it’s a similar process on other smart phones):

While you’re browsing the web on your phone, click the arrow-box at the bottom of the screen.

The arrow-box brings up a screen like this.  From here, you can choose “Add to Home Page” and the site will be set up just like any app.  You will have to have internet access or use your data plan to use it though.

You can also use that button to save the Menus + Grocery Lists to your reading list:

The grocery list is easier to read on your phone than it appears to be in this photo.  Once you’ve saved the menus you needed, you can access them at the grocery store by clicking the open book image to the right of the arrow-box.

Ta-da!  A cheap work-around to having an app developed!

There are lots of ways to use technology in the kitchen.  We’ve been talking about that in the Ebates Savvy Living Community this week.  Join in the conversation!  Tell us what techy solutions you have!



Disclosure: I have been compensated for my role as Community Leader in the Ebates Savvy Living Community.

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  1. LOL! Generally the extent of my use of technology in the kitchen is printing out a recipe I’ve found on the internet and carrying it with me to the kitchen. If I like the recipe, I add handwritten notes to the hardcopy. I’m really an old fashioned cook at heart. I tend to hand write out my favorite recipes in a blank journal and I still use paper-and-ink cookbooks.

    • Taja, I actually love hand writing things too. I print my grocery lists and add notes to them, I hand write my recipes as I create them and I use a paper calendar to keep track of things. I think I’m a blend of high-tech and low-tech.

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