Company’s Coming – Memorial Day Weekend

School is out and summer is here!  Woohoo!

We’ve got company coming in this weekend.  My sister’s family and my parents are going to spend the weekend with us.  Jim and my sister, Gina are going to ride in a 100 mile bike ride.  Actually, I don’t know if they’re planning to do the entire 100 miles or a shorter version.  Either way, I’m betting their butts are going to be sore come Sunday afternoon.

I decided to keep our menu simple.   Breakfasts will be toast, bagels, cereal, juice etc.  Lunch on Saturday is sandwiches.  Jim and Gina can pack theirs with them.

Saturday dinner will be BBQ chicken legs, probably done in the oven.  If the weather is nice I may grill them instead.  Mom is bringing Potato Salad.  I’m making a slow cooker full of Homemade Baked Beans and we’ll have watermelon to go with it.

For Sunday, I’m fixing a Mexican feast.  Beef tacos, Lentil Tacos and Nachos.

We’ll munch desserts all weekend.  Chocolatey Texas Sheet Cake and a new recipe for Pistachio Cake.  I may also try some Lemon Pineapple Cookies that I’ve had knocking around in my mind for a while.  I’ll share the new recipes with you soon if they turn out.

I’m going to unplug for the weekend, so no new Menu on Monday.  Check out my list of menus from the last 1 1/2 years.   You can also find menu inspiration at The Organizing Junkie.  She hosts Menu Plan Monday each week and many people link up their menus there.

I’ll be back Tuesday.  Enjoy your weekend!

What are your weekend plans?  What will you be cooking?

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  1. Sounds like you are going to have a great weekend. Hubby is in Oregon 4-wheeling with son today. I am going to make the Soft Wrap Bread from here: and experiment with using thinly sliced round steak seasoned with Greek seasonings and marinated in the marinade you used for your chicken gyros ttp:// to make gyros. Since there is just me eating tonight, we will probably have that tomorrow night, too. I probably will do something with chicken on Monday. No big plans for us. Have fun with the family.

  2. Well, the link didn’t come through for your recipe. I will try again.

  3. We went back to our old home, had a good time catching up with friends. We missed one couple… Darn. They happened to be out of town. Can you believe it? Maybe another time!

  4. Pistachio cake!?!?!?

    Have I mentioned I have a secret love affair with pistachios?

    So excited for this recipe!

    (By the way, have you ever had pistachio ice cream? You would love it!)

  5. we had an impromptu cookout on Sun so I ran to store for burger/dogs and picked up a couple deli salads – spent part of Sunday trying to recreate the chicken ceaser pasta salad I bought – yummy but I can’t recreate it totally – it was DELICIOUS. Sun was bbq chicken, cole slaw and my pasta salad attempt. hope you enjoyed your long weekend!

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