Are you interested in being a contributing writer for Eat at Home?

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One of the things I have loved about having Eat at Home, is trying new things.  And I don’t just mean food, although there’s lots of that going on too.

I’m talking about trying new things with blogging and the business of blogging.  Most of this goes on behind the scenes and readers may not be aware of many changes and experiments I’ve tried.

Now, I’ve got a few more ideas in mind and this time I’m looking for some help.  I’m looking for a few contributing writers for the site.  These will be compensated positions.  You won’t get rich writing for Eat at Home, but I do want to pay a fair rate.

If sharing easy, family friendly recipes with the best readers in the world is something that you’re interested in check out the requirements below and then click the link to fill out the application.

Qualifications needed:

  • Love cooking
  • Have writing and photography skills
  • Love sharing via social media
  • Have an understanding of what Eat at Home is about and who the audience is
  • Willing to write original content, not published elsewhere
  • Willing to take direction from me for the editorial calendar, as well as bring your original ideas for recipes.

If you are interested in the possibility of joining the Eat at Home team, please submit an application here.

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  1. I love the planner showing in the photograph next to computer on home page today 07-13-12.. Would you mind to let me know what kind it is or where I might purchase?

    • Marge, I had a feeling someone would ask about the planner. I love it! It’s an Erin Condren Life Planner. They’re a bit pricier than other planners, but so worth it. Lots of space to write all my lists. And it’s pretty too. Do I sound like a commercial 😉

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