23 Grill Recipes for Weeknight Dinners

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Grill recipes for weeknight dinners

I love using grill recipes to get dinner on the table.  It’s quick.  There are no pans to clean.  And it doesn’t heat up the kitchen.

Although I like to grill chicken legs or other cuts of meat with bones, I usually stick with quicker-to-cook foods for our weeknight fare.  I’m a lazy griller.  I like to throw the meat on, walk away to finish the side dishes and come back to flip the meat to the other side.  I know this isn’t the way the experts do it, but it works for getting dinner on the table fast.

(I do have a fantastic BBQ Rib recipe that requires a bit more babysitting.  It is so worth it though!)

One of my favorite time savers is to grill a lot of boneless chicken and store it in the freezer for quick meals.

freezing barbecue chicken

And recently, I stumbled on this super, simple way to marinate chicken for grilling.

easy freezer marinades

Let’s get to some quick weeknight recipes: 

Meat on the grill

Sandwiches and wraps


I don’t do a lot of fish on the grill.  I’m afraid the fish will break apart and fall through the grate. (Am I right in this fear?)  But I do like to use a foil packet to grill fish.

Pasta with Grilled Chicken

We love pasta. It’s so quick and creamy and delicious.  And it pairs up with grilled chicken really well too.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

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  1. what great recipes! i love these! grilling is so perfect for summer! keep the heat outside! thanks for sharing!

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