Tea Basket

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If you don’t already have a tea basket, pull out a pretty bowl or basket and fill it with your favorite teas, cocoa and coffee mixes.  It’s a simple way to do something nice for yourself.  And when a friend stops by, you can offer the basket to them to choose and then visit over mugs filled with your favorite steaming beverage.

I hope you have time to sit and relax with a cup of tea this weekend.

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  1. This is such a cute idea. I have a antique glass jar on my counter with cocoa and tea bag. But a basket…great!

  2. Hope you have time to relax after your trip. Are you sharing any of the details?

    • SandyW, I’m planning to do a post about the trip later this week. I had a great time and the people at I Can’t Believe It’s Butter! were wonderful. It was lots of fun to meet the other bloggers too. More details later…


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