Pound Cake from a Mix + 10 Ways to Top It

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You are going to want to check in here on Friday, because that’s when I’m sharing the ultimate way to top this pound cake.  Sorry to tease you like that, but it was truly scrumptious (not to be confused with the character in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang).

However, we managed to only eat half of this pound cake so I put the rest in the freezer for another time.  And that had me thinking of other ways to top this versatile cake.

I’ll add the recipe for Pound Cake from a Mix at the end of the post.  First, let’s get to some delicious toppings. 

10 Ways to Top a Pound Cake

1.  Berries – plain or sweetened, maybe with a little fresh mint

2.  Whipped Cream – the homemade kind!

3.  Pudding – any flavor is good.  Try it warm and a bit thinner than normal (chocolate is my favorite).

4.  Ice cream with hot fudge or butterscotch topping

5.  Crushed pineapple mixed with a little brown sugar

6.  Strawberries and Nutella

7.  Bananas and caramel sauce

8.  Peppermint ice cream and hot fudge

9.  Peaches and whipped cream

10.  Your turn!  Tell me in a comment how you like to top plain pound cake!

Here’s what you’ll need to dress up your cake mix and make it a pound cake:

Pound Cake from a Mix + 10 Ways to Top It
  • 1 box white or yellow cake mix
  • 1 box vanilla pudding mix
  • 1¼ cup milk
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 tsp. vanilla
  1. Mix all the ingredients together with an electric mixer until well blended.
  2. Pour into well greased bundt pan. I like to spray mine with Baker's Joy cooking spray that also has flour in it.
  3. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.
  4. Cool on the counter still in the pan for 10 minutes.
  5. Remove from pan and cool completely.
For a chocolate version, use devil's food cake mix and chocolate pudding mix.
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  1. I would top it with melted chocolate chips and drip on like a chocolate glaze. Yummy!

  2. I like to warm homemade jam and pour it on top!

  3. I love how this recipe leaves out all the butter! Not that butter is bad for you, but it’s so expensive!

  4. No necessarily a way to top a pound cake, but I like to buy a package of sugar-free Jello and either swirl it in the batter, or bake the cake and poke holes in it and pour the Jello over.

  5. great post! definitely the strawberries and nutella:)

  6. “Homemade” whipped topping consisting of Cool Whip, greek yogurt, honey, cinnamon, and powdered sugar. Then top that with strawberries macerated in sugar. Yummy!

  7. I love to use pound cake as my shortcake for strawberry jubilee (Strawberry Shortcake). Yum!
    As always, great list of suggestions, Tiffany.

  8. We have always topped pound cake using 1/2 a can of orange juice concentrate with a little bit of sugar (or stevia) mixed in. Poke holes in the top and drizzle it all over. 🙂

  9. Dealsdiva059 says:

    Years ago when the ninja first came out a coworker made this cake. i absolutely loved it and asked for a copy however i lost it during a move? Is this recipe from the ninja cookbook? I have bought several ninja cookbooks and I have yet to find the recipe.

  10. I enjoyed the cake, but I have to say it really didn’t seem like a pound cake to me. It didn’t have the density or richness that I associate with pound cake. It was a good yellow cake, but seemed more like a sponge cake than a pound cake to me.

    • Paul, is that you?

    • you are right! It is too spongy . I just made this recipe tonight to test it out before i make a wedding cake (4 tier) and this is no pound cake. YES, it is delish flavor and texture IF your looking for a fluffy cake though.

  11. I made these in a mini bundt cake pan. Made 12 but I should’ve made about 16, 4 of them were huge. I made a chocolate sauce and drizzled it over the top. They are so super moist and delicious. I am very impressed with this recipe, as is everyone else in this house! Thanks for sharing!!

  12. kate johnson says:

    Do you have to include the oil that the cake box calls for?

  13. Teresa H, Fields says:

    I went looking on Pinterest for a bundt cake to make for Easter from a mix and it led me to you. Should have known just to go to Eat at Home first. LoL. Topping it with frest fruit.

  14. marilyn boyd says:

    Do you use instant or cook and serve pudding mix?

  15. I’m making this right now with cheesecake flavored pudding! I hope it tastes good!!

  16. I tried something new for a quick box pound cake. It was awful and dry, I think it needed the butter. I wanted just the simple moist pound cake and this recipe wasn’t it.

  17. A.Marie Burgess says:

    Lemon Curd and edible flowers

  18. Use a skewer poke small holes in cake and pour melted” your choice of topping” over cake a cheap quick and tasty dessert.

  19. Gail Forehand says:

    I like it toppped with powdered sugar glaze then sprinkle with coconut and pecans

  20. Anonymous says:

    What about the veg or canola oil?

  21. So what size box of Vanilla? There is a small box of pudding and a larger size box. Can you specify please

  22. Tanicka says:

    This cake is delicious. The first time I made it I used lemon pudding, lemon flavoring and made a lemon glaze. It was so moist and delicious. I’m now making the vanilla flavor!

  23. Caren Ross says:

    I love this recipe! I have made it 3 times now, using a sugar free cake mix and sugar free pudding mix. It turns out so good! People don’t even know that it is sugar free!

  24. I am making this bundt. in High Altitudes
    6500 elevation, any change to recipe?

  25. I used am instant pudding mix to make a rum pound cake. It looked awfully thin so I stirred 3 heaping tsp.of potato flour! Any comments?

  26. Will this have the texture of a true pound cake?

  27. Sara Grembowski says:

    I have found that pound cake makes the most scrumptious petit fours. How do you think this would work baking it in a large rectangular pan rather than a bundt pan?

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